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by:SWIFT     2019-09-20
Yucheng Paste Printing Machine | Digital printing machine manufacturers, let the screen be at the printing address, and then use a non-abrasive soft cloth with a screen cleaning agent to wipe off the dirt on the stencil scraping surface, not too much force In this way, the dirt can fall through the mesh onto the absorbent paper described below. If necessary, it can be cleaned again with a piece of absorbent paper. Some of the dirt particles that fall on the top may be unusually large and do not easily pass through the mesh, but they can be glued with a soft cloth. The company continues to devote its efforts to the research and development, development, and production of solder paste printers. It has a deep understanding of the solder paste printer products and rich experience in building and producing. Many mobile phone shell suppliers use our equipment to print a rich variety of personalized color pictures, but also to the customer customization, DIY, etc., personalized color shell Xpress!*** application: fashion home decoration. Leather Art Sliding Doors, Cabinet Sliding Doors, Bathroom Sliding Doors, Partition Screens, Ceiling Ceilings, Art Tiles, etc. The personalized home decoration market is quietly rising and is still growing. O56q7ds Cleaning the dust on the delivery section. Excessive dust will affect the status of parts such as the delivery chain and take-up teeth. Use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. It is advisable to add a small amount of anti-rust oil or high oil after cleaning. The marking oil is on the chain to prevent rusting. It is better to apply the oil again manually before starting the machine after the festival to prevent the chain and the track from being severely rubbed. Solder paste printing machine realizes the same printing plate roller printing a variety of product specifications, which overcomes the problem that a traditional plate printing roller can only print one type of printing plate, saves the printing cost, and saves The time for printing rollers increases manufacturing power. So, what are the areas in which solder paste printers are used? The following is a description of the big guys from the small manufacturers of screen printers: The most widely used application of solder paste printers is the advertising industry. Indoor and outdoor advertising production, signs, signs, advertising paintings, display boards, signs, acrylic light boxes, PVC light boxes, high-end business cards and so on. First of all, the solder paste printer has more texture and flatness than the normal printing. Others, solder paste printers are more durable, quality is more, equipment is running faster than rough equipment, and it will not show missed prints. It is more than enough to use various dyes. It is not enough to show the mixture of various dyes like the previous printing opportunities. However, the printing area is also quite large, and it will not show the situation of oversupply of paper. This is also a kind of environmental protection and role. The solder paste printing machine can effectively reduce the working center of gravity of the stationary printing unit, avoiding the large sloshing of the stationary printing unit during high-speed operation, resulting in skewed printed fonts and misalignment. The printing component of the screen printing machine can be realized by connecting five or six monochrome printing components in series, or three or four double cylinder printing components can be connected together or adopt a so-called satellite drum arrangement. Double-sided multi-color offset presses use four- and six-roller printing components. Because the screen printing machine reduces the wetted parts compared to other printing machines, the screen printing machine should first apply water to the printing plate and then ink the printing plate. Then, to prevent the scrapping of printed templates from the rough decontamination of workers, the first thing to do is to prevent the stencils from being contaminated. The following manufacturer's Xiaobian explains how to avoid the contamination of solder paste printer templates. How to avoid causing the solder paste printer template pollution? In order to make the screen printer mesh screen mesh function properly, it may also pay attention to cleaning ink or substrate on the dirt. Solder paste printers increase the operating speed of the fixed underprint printing unit, thereby increasing the R&D production power level and lowering the R&D production cost. Due to the pollutants in the electrostatic adsorption air and poor storage conditions, the surface of the substrate will be stained with dirt. The problems described above can be solved by improving the storage conditions and process control. Other uses of the static remover and the substrate decontamination device It also prevents dust and dirt from transferring from the surface of the substrate into the mesh. Once the solder paste printer screen is actually contaminated, what should be done? When using the platform solder paste printer, stop the solder paste printer after printing a set of print sheets, and then enter a blotter paper. Make the screen in contact with the blotter. The company's strong technical force and human resources, set solder paste printing machine research invention, development, production, sales in one, from solder paste printing machine product development to shipping and after-sale service, with a complete system. 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