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zip lock plastic bags Ultra flatbed printer printing graphic processing tips

by:SWIFT     2019-09-25
Focus on UV printers, share knowledge of UV printers from different angles every day, and realize that the industry is powerful! Above, don't you click? Customers who purchase uv flatbed printers generally go through a comprehensive field trip to complete the final clapper board, but there are still many customers who are puzzled, why at the time of the manufacturer's proofing, the printed pictures and the computer are almost the same, but the machine itself After a certain period of use, there will be a certain gap between the printed image and the picture on the computer. Is it because the machine that is bought back is different from the machine on the field? In fact, as long as it is a regular manufacturer, this situation will not appear, there is a normal color, this time do not need to worry too much, you only need to use professional coloring software to debug the picture, how to debug can make The effect is good? The author has put together some tips for printing and graphic processing of flatbed printers. A: To make a color inkjet image, what mode is best for the color mode? Flatbed printers use brighter ink colors, higher saturation, and wider color gamut printing, so if you want to produce images for flatbed printer output, it's better to use RGB color mode to express better, this mode print color to be brighter If it is the CMYK mode, the printing color is basically the range of the printing ink color gamut, and some colors that are supposed to be very vivid saturated colors cannot be reflected. Two: When RGB is converted to CMYK in Photoshop, some color changes are more obvious. How to deal with this situation? Some vivid colors of the image in the RGB mode, if saturation is high, then when the color separation operation RGB to CMYK, will see a clear color change on the screen, the original color will suddenly become dull gray color . This is because bright colors have exceeded the color gamut of CMYK. When this happens, the colors should be adjusted as bright as possible. These colors are pure. For example, after the blue R150G180B255 color separation is C30%M31%Y0%K0%, the color will be purple, M content is higher, in order to be close to the color before the color separation, can be used for Selective Color adjustment, making it change to C36% M21%Y0%K0%, the color is more similar to R150G180B255 than the previous C36%M30%Y0%K0%. Three: Why does the image need to have a format? There are several image file formats that are often involved before printing. What is the nature of each? The image file format determines what kind of information should be stored in the file, how the file is compatible with various application software, and how the file exchanges data with other files. Because there are many formats of the image, the image should be determined according to the use of the image. format. 1, Adobe Postscript Level3 format: PostScript is a programming language, suitable for printing images and text (whether in paper, film or non-material CRT can be), it can be as readable as the program code, Can represent any enlarged or reduced vector. 2, PDF format: portable file format, mainly composed of three technologies: derived from PostScript, font embedded system, data compression and transmission system, its advantage lies in cross-platform, can retain the original format of the file, can royalty free Develop PDF compatible software. 3, JPEG format: is a kind of compression file, which uses redundant images and color data to obtain a very high compression rate and can display a very rich and vivid image, in other words, you can use less disk The space gets better image quality. 4, TIFF format: is a tagged image file, used to save the image formed by the color channel, its great advantage is that the image is not limited by the operating platform, regardless of PC, MAC or UNIX machine, can be universal . It can save alpha channels and can store data in a file. 5, EPS format: It is a comprehensive format commonly used in desktop printing systems. The EPS format is often used for printing and printing. Duotone information can be stored, Alpha channels can be stored, and path and screen information can be stored. 6, AI format: It has the advantage of taking up little hard disk space, opening speed, convenient format conversion special file vector software illustrator format. Share the above points hope to help you in the future when using the printer to print patterns can reduce the color difference to a low, pattern printing shows a good effect, talking about how the printer can be less of its style! Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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