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zip lock plastic bags [Technology]Cheats for Printing Color Difference Control SWIFT

by:SWIFT     2019-09-26
Establish a complete color management system 1 Determine the upper and lower limits of product color with customers When we first produce a product, we should work out the upper and lower limits of the color of the product. After the customer has sealed the product, it is set as a “standard proof”. Future production is based on the standard color of the standard proofs (which can also be the first batch of proofs) and strictly stipulates that color fluctuations cannot exceed the upper and lower limits of the standard. In other words, to confirm the range of color difference standards in advance with the customer, while ensuring product color consistency, give production personnel a reasonable range of color fluctuations, making the product color standard more maneuverable. You must not simply catch up with the sample after each production. This will result in more batches of products being printed. The more severe the product color difference is, the less the difference is. In addition, it must be noted that the 'standard proofs' for customers' samples should be changed regularly so as not to cause deviations between the standard proofs and the actual printed products due to a long time. 2 Perfect first-end and end-piece sampling, inspection system with printing standard light source to ensure printing ink quality Printing companies sometimes encounter this situation: After the printing product is placed at the customer for a period of time, its ink color gradually changes, but the first few The same phenomenon did not occur in batches of printed products. This is generally due to the use of expired ink. The shelf life of common inks is usually one year, and the use of expired inks can easily lead to fading of printed products. Therefore, when using ink, we must pay attention to the shelf life of ink, adhere to the principle of first-in, first-out. In addition, in the printing production process, we must pay attention to the use of ink additives. If the ink additive is used in excess, the color of the ink may also change after printing. Therefore, when using various ink additives, it is best to communicate with the ink supplier first to determine the correct range of additives to be added. Concerned about the ratio of spot color inks and information transfer In the printing production process, it is often necessary to formulate spot color inks, and the spot color inks often differ from the color of the samples when the spot printing ink is prepared by the printing shop. The main reason for this kind of situation is that the ink ratio is wrong. Spot color inks are formulated from a variety of primary color inks, and most primary color inks are Pantone color systems, so we often formulate spot color inks in the proportion given on Pantone color cards. However, it should be pointed out that the ink ratio on the Pantone card is not always accurate, and there are often minor differences. This has certain requirements for the operator's experience, requires its high sensitivity to the ink color, requires it to learn more and practice, and constantly accumulate experience in spot color ink deployment, improve color sensitivity, and achieve proficiency in the level of ink configuration . Here I would like to remind everyone that not all primary color inks are based on the Pantone color system. When non-Panton color inks are encountered, they cannot be matched with the ink ratio of Pantone color cards. It is difficult to formulate the desired ink color. Making a suitable printing plate to fully evaluate the effect of surface treatment process on the color of the printed product. In the printing process, this situation is often encountered: when printing, the color of the printed product is similar to the color of the proof, but the color after the coating changes greatly. Especially after the surface is covered with no light film, the color difference is even greater. This situation must not be taken seriously, especially when printing dark blue series and red and yellow series of colors, it is best to do coating test before the official production, adjust the printing color according to the post-film effect, and save the uncoated printing sample. Convenient for follow-up production comparison. In addition, the calendering process also has a great influence on the dark blue series of color blocks, and should be considered in advance when printing. Mastering the color changing pattern of special colors after drying The printing colors are ever-changing. Some colors are close to the color of the proofs at the beginning of printing, but after drying, they are very different from the colors of the samples, especially dark blue inks formulated with ink such as blue light. When printing, the redness after drying is obvious, so be careful when printing. In addition, gold and silver and other metal inks, due to the ink composition, its monochrome or spot color ink with its deployment, will change after drying. At the same time, the color effect of printed products is greatly influenced by the angle of observation. Therefore, when printing with this type of ink, it is necessary to understand the customer's observation environment in advance, whether in the sun or in the light, and try to be consistent. The printing process is a dynamic balance process, which causes chromatic aberration every time you stop the boot. Therefore, the unification of printing colors has become an important indicator of print quality. Many of these tips are long-term experiences accumulated during the printing process. I hope these experiences will help industry colleagues better control printing colors and print more personalized and attractive products. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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