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by:SWIFT     2019-10-02
Easy installation and maintenance of uv printers Easy to use (photo) UV-curing inks without VOC (Volatile Organics), environmental protection, no odor, maximum output speed of 60 m2/h (depending on the print head) Precise and constant air pressure system The ability to smoothly control head pressure inside the head ensures smooth ink supply during high-speed printing and prevents head leakage from automatically detecting the thickness of the medium and setting the height of the head. Printing on a medium with a thickness of up to 100 mm uses TCP (that is, Advanced printing) system development - as long as the supply of gas and power supply can be started to print, quick installation and easy maintenance. The company is committed to the research, development and production of micro-presses. It has a deep understanding of micro-press products and rich experience in R&D and R&D. Platform height and level adjustment. Version mechanism: When the version of the platform is moved, it is usually achieved by mechanical thread rotation, and there should be a reliable locking device and displacement guide. The daily maintenance of printing machine maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, annual maintenance, etc., whether its performance is good, whether the smooth operation will directly affect the progress of printing operations and the quality of the printed matter, so the daily maintenance of the printing press And maintenance has become one of the key points that printers should not neglect. The o56q7ds must be cleaned with a cleaner or a dust roller before using a negative plate. The screen used for printing cannot be a common fabric, but a high-strength material with very small tolerances. For example, we don't necessarily know that in a 120 mesh/CM screen, there are 24,000 meters of silk per square meter, or 14400 holes per square centimeter, but honestly there is far more knowledge about screens. Not only this part. The mini-press realizes the printing of a variety of products with the same plate roller, which overcomes the problem that a traditional plate printing roller can only print one type of plate, saves the printing cost, and saves Printing roller time increased the R&D design power level. Suitable for multi-layer circuit board, liquid crystal display, surface mount, membrane switch, ceramic decal paper, tobacco and wine packaging solutions printing and other high-precision requirements of the manufacturers use: printing operations mainly in automatic micro-printing machine, part is also suitable for Precision micro printing machine. CD, ceramic aluminum frame: suitable for CD turntables, nameplates, Epoxy, keyboards, plastics, shells, etc. General printing precision requires manufacturers to use: the printing operation is mainly manual printing and small area printing machines. Can be customized single frame and curved box shaped box. Printing device: Ink scraping and ink returning are the main actions for silk screen printing. The ink scraping system and ink returning system are generally mounted on the scraper carriage. During the reciprocating movement, the scraper and the ink returning panel alternately rise and fall. Ink and ink return actions are achieved. Transmission: motor, electromagnetic clutch, reducer, speed control mechanism. Plate device: The screen plate must be fixed on the plate device in the screen printing machine. During the printing process, the book-type landing or horizontal lifting is realized. The micro-printer can effectively reduce the working center of gravity of the stationary printing unit, avoiding the occurrence of large shaking during the high-speed operation of the stationary printing unit, resulting in skewed or misaligned printing fonts. Flexographic printing machine The choice of type is based solely on the market requirements of the user and the main parameters of the instrument. Because of the current equipment production technology and system control technology, the unit type, satellite type, and stacking type have no problem in terms of printing quality, printing speed, technical level, etc. User requirements can also control the cost of equipment. Floor cleaning, table, utensils need to use a damp cloth. Clean working conditions can increase work quality, improve workplaces, and help achieve high-quality printing. Speaking of micro-presses everyone should be familiar with it, micro-printing presses with full autonomy operation, more accurate than the semi-automatic screen printing machine, faster speed, higher degree of automation. The micro-press increases the operating speed of the fixed-type printing unit, thereby increasing the R&D design power and the design cost of the ring. It is worth noting that the dust cleaning work of the electrical system must be carried out after the power supply is cut off. Maintenance Tips Printing Machine Routine Maintenance Do not underestimate the main control cabinet (2) Clean the operator's station (3) Clean up Basically every operating unit (4) Main motor compressor cabinet, Infrared drying device, Powder spraying device Printing machine maintenance Maintenance is an important part of ensuring normal R&D design. The company's strong technical force and human resources, set a micro-printer research and development, development, production and sales in one, from micro-printer product development to shipping and sales service, with a complete system. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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