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zip lock plastic bags Print Talk - Why do you have to proof before printing?

by:SWIFT     2019-09-23
Why do you want to do proofing before printing? The work of mounting the prepared printing plate on the proofing machine for proof printing is called proofing. Proofing should correctly reproduce the original tone levels and colors. Proofing is an important process. The role of proofing lies in: 1 Checking the quality of each process of plate making. Use proofing to check the effect of color separation, etc., and feed back to the previous process for change. 2 Provide customers with review basis. Proofreading can be printed after being signed by the customer. 3 Provide the basis for ink, specifications, and reference data for the official printing. The most commonly used method of proofing is divided into digital proofing and traditional proofing, that is, proofing on the machine, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The greatest feature of digital printing is low cost and high speed, but it cannot be equivalent to printing samples. The sample draft can only be used as a reference sample. It is usually used as a pre-print proofing proofreading proof; the most important feature of proofing on the machine is the small difference between the products printed in the final batch and accurate information, especially for high-quality prints that need to be proofed on the machine. However, the cost is high and it is entirely charged according to the printing cost. We will introduce the following in detail: Samples are the basis for the weight of print quality control and the tools for communication and communication with customers. Its role is mainly reflected in the following two aspects. First, proofs can help users check the various information contained in the document for timely modification such as fonts, images, colors, and page settings. Color is the most difficult to control in proofing, because different substrates, inks, and dot gains can cause changes in proof color. Second, proofs can be used as contracts between customers and printers. The same sheet should accurately provide the color consistent with the final printed product, and the same sheet is best printed out shortly before printing so as to avoid discoloration and distortion of the proof sheet due to a longer storage time. At present, some printing companies have used color proofing to print colorful proofs for business purposes and to please customers. After the customer has signed the sample with great satisfaction, it is difficult to achieve the exquisite requirements of the proof in actual printing. In the end, customers often return goods, claims, and bargain prices based on the fact that they don't meet the proofs. The printing company is in a hurry and may even lose some capital. You can make a fortune. I'm developing a search printing zone. Everyday online smiling service Related Tags: Food packaging solutions Bag customization, aluminum film bag manufacturers,
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