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by:SWIFT     2019-09-22
[Summary] Current investment tips: 1 This week's view: In 2018, the investment opportunities brought by performance promotion will still be grasped. Based on the long-term growth space, competitive landscape, and existing valuation levels, we recommend focusing on home furniture, home furniture, home appliances, home appliances, and custom-made homes in Sofia (corresponding to a valuation of 27 times in 2018 and current prices close to employees). Share price); Jinjia shares in the packaging solutions sector (a strategic agreement with the new announcement and Kweichow Moutai Technology Development Division); other light industry fields of Chenguang Stationery, Zhongshun Jierou and Yueyang Linzhi. For the light industry in 2018, we believe that we must pay attention to the marginal changes in the competitive landscape of various fine-grained industries, adhere to the leading effect, and be optimistic about the improvement of profitability under the optimization of the competitive landscape. Custom home: rapid growth. We believe that the essence of customization is to provide cost-effective products and reliable and stable services. Consumers in the custom industry have a high degree of attention to cost-effectiveness, so leading companies with a high level of informatization have the advantage of moats and are more able to cross the cycle. The point of opening up the growth ceiling in the future is to expand the category of the whole house, to increase the customer unit price level, to infiltrate between the categories, and to open up the tooling channel. Looks forward to Sofia, Oupai home, still goods home delivery. Finished furniture: Stable in the long run, category leaders have established a certain degree of consumer awareness, leading channel and production capacity, and established a certain degree of moat advantage. In the future, with the unification of management interests and refined management operations, profitability is expected to increase. Look at the icons of Da Ya, Gu Jia Jia, Mei Ke home, Qu Mei home. Stable consumer goods: maturity and stability. Leading channel management capabilities, product category R&D, and design capabilities lead to the establishment of barriers to competition, with the opportunity to further convert leading potential into kinetic energy (growth). Look forward to Chenguang Stationery and Zhongshun Jierou. Packaging industry: shuffle remodeling period, external forces, the industry experienced shuffle, the winner is king. After the industry's competitive landscape is optimized, leading companies have stronger upstream and downstream negotiation capabilities, and their profitability will be further enhanced. The narrowing of the PPI and CPI scissors will reduce the profitability of packaging solutions companies in the short term. Jingjia shares, Hexing Packaging, Yutong Technology, Origen are optimistic. Themed opportunities: Donggang shares and Yueyang Linzhi. For the papermaking industry in 2018, we feel that the level of profitability is gradually diverging, the leading cycle property is expected to weaken, and it is worthwhile to grasp the spring upset market. Industry differentiation, leading to weakening cycle attributes. After the paper industry experienced the high price of paper in 07-08, the high ROE in 10 years, and the last round of natural liquidation in 11-15 years, the market has always regarded it as a property of the weak-period plate other than non-ferrous coal, but Since the recovery of this round, the industry structure has new features. On the demand side, the overall balance of cultural papers was maintained. The demand for white card papers grew at a rate of 5%, the copperplate double-glue increased slightly, and newsprint continued to shrink. On the supply side, the concentration of cultural papers was high, and the new production capacity was very limited and concentrated on leading enterprises. Supply-side reform and environmental protection and production restriction promoted the elimination of backward small-scale production capacity. In addition, policies such as the continued tightening of imported waste paper, strict approval of new production capacity, and the newly-launched thermal power generation basically stopped the new batch of policies to prevent the supply side from getting out of control. Leading paper companies are expected to rely on market share. The rate (such as Chenming/Sun's 18-year project landing, Shanying's acquisition of Nordic Paper in 17 years, and Liansheng Paper) improved its performance and continued to grow. The 18-year policy for waste paper is gradually clear, and the pattern of waste paper imports will further evolve. The Ministry of Environmental Protection officially issued the 'Administrative Regulations on the Environmental Protection of Imported Waste Paper' recently. Compared with the 'Consultation Draft', the production capacity limit of processing enterprises has been revised to not less than 50,000 tons/year from no less than 300,000 tons/year. According to the 2017 statistics, the number of restricted companies and import quotas have dropped from 88, 2.8285 million tons to less than 20 and 148,200 tons. The official release has relaxed the space for small paper mills to apply for imports, which will help reduce the price volatility of waste paper. We expect that the market's controversial impurity rate requirements will be adjusted to a more reasonable direction. We expect the overall tightening trend of the approval of waste paper quotas will remain unchanged in 18 years. In the 18 years, the overall import volume of waste paper still needs to wait for the observation of the first batch of import quotas. The domestic waste paper import policy will affect the North American exports, China and neighboring Southeast Asian countries' waste paper import structure, while the current domestic waste paper policy has a greater pressure on overseas waste paper exporters, domestic traders and paper mills, and needs to adapt to the process. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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