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Why do I fall in love with plastic environmental protection bags

by:SWIFT     2021-01-25
Why I fall in love with plastic environmental protection bag, this is a reason, because a few days ago, I went to Beijing on business, and be good friend guo small the frigid zone to go see the French grandmaster yu gong yi shan Magma psychedelic band performances. Because of June 5th is world HuanBaoRi, we set about early 'we all love environmental protection bag! 'This topic, I watch carefully to see Magma youths are back what & hellip; … In such a mixed Chinese and foreign literary youth, I didn't see what basic designer handbags, but saw a lot of people carrying all sorts of design, with a little green bag design is very simple. Actually, these environmental protection bag wen-ching gathered in nanjing, it is less common. Not that Beijing's literary youth is how have the consciousness of environmental protection, but, sometimes, the more complex and huge city, the easier it is to accept more simple things. In my opinion, a good environmental protection bag but is: simple and practical, lightweight and beautiful. Longchamp bag, don't know why package in China into the street, true mixed together, it is easy to Copy it. Of course, it also was really strong and useful. But in Paris, the French French brand is not much use. Sitting on the subway, you can still see a lot of back it, but the majority are Chinese. My French friend says, many French people are less likely to buy those famous brand bags, mainly in the Chinese to buy. France is often based on old beauty, or a bag back a decade, friction is more old more good-looking, or environmental protection bags, they are really for the sake of environmental protection bags that are made with the method of minimum pollution to the environment.
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