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what trends will custom packaging see in 2017?

by:SWIFT     2019-12-06
Market experts predict that some global packaging trends will stand out in the industry in 2017.
Simple, bold and clear: Returning to fundamentals is a trend that will never disappear.
This year, a simple, bold and clear version will be more expressive and persuasive for customers.
Using the smallest elements in the packaging design can promote the product in a very decent way.
In today\'s fast-growing world, consumers don\'t have much time to read every detail given on the box?
Therefore, just stick to the necessary information and help the purchaser to make the right decision.
A clear, clean design can convey the message and use a simple way to make the product glow and heat up.
Custom fonts: every designer likes to polish with care and make some of the best pieces by hand.
They did this to get the original effect in the design.
Irregular lines and natural texture files can make the product stand out compared to digital design and patterns.
This natural appearance can bring a warm feeling to the product and make it feel complete and healthy.
So in 2017, we will witness the return of custom handwritten fonts as a packaging trend.
Play Color: usually the color will stimulate the mood and affect the purchase decision.
Therefore, choosing color has always been one of the main decisions in packaging design.
Bright and bright colors will create colorful scenes on store shelves in 2017.
We have seen different colors used to distinguish the variety of products.
Consumers may not remember the name or number of their favorite product, but they can definitely recall the color of the package.
All of this involves color psychology, and words may not be needed in 2017 if used properly.
Use illustrations as a narrative: there is a story behind each package design.
Customers look for and cherish stories they feel close to their hearts.
Using illustration techniques in packaging design can be very helpful in telling your brand story.
This style can bring customers into the fantasy world.
Illustrations have a place in the industry, and the next few years are the years of elaborate and informative illustrations.
• Retro: packaging design is popular every year by using new technologies and new materials.
The retro design brings back the memories of those who have really experienced that time.
The key to retro success is to find balance, evoke nostalgia while maintaining a keen modern style. • Clever mold
Cutting: most of the traditional box designs hide its content, but a mold experiment is being done by contemporary designers
Cut by showing the product and taking advantage of it.
If the packaging can present the product in the most meaningful and intelligent way, it means that the buyer is more likely to stop and notice the product.
Repeat mode: good use
Carefully selected, attractive patterns allow the box to be designed from ordinary to extraordinary.
The idea of repeating shapes and patterns can be simple, but it can produce dynamic effects if used correctly.
Whether the pattern is bold or playful, it has the ability to create a strong identity of the product that customers will never forget.
Mail delivery trends: We all remember the joy of getting something by mail.
With the development of traffic and communication channels, experience will be lost.
Therefore, this packaging trend in 2017 is to save this feeling with the emerging postal trend.
Some manufacturers are already using this trend in the market.
They make the product more authentic with custom stamps.
Ice packaging of this type
Cream, biscuits and cakes attract the attention of passers-.
This also gives customers a feeling of nostalgia. • Eco-
Friendly Packaging: biodegradable, natural, eco-friendly, or whatever you want.
However, green packaging is a new trend that will emerge in 2017.
In addition, its positive impact on the environment can save expensive expenses and attract customers.
Multinational companies are now experimenting with biodegradable materials to make innovative designs for their products.
One of the bottle manufacturers sells bottles made of marine plastic.
Now more and more consumer brands are going green in packaging design, which is the only trend we want to see growth and persistence in every year to come, because it is good for everyone.
Reuse and Recycling: sustainability is always the central theme of any project.
With new trends in the use of biodegradable and ecological
The concept of friendly materials used and recycled is also a fast-growing trend.
The concept of \"reuse\" includes a multi-functional packaging design that gives a second life to all the boxes.
Not just the life of a product box.
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