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What are the factors that affect the price of portable paper bags?

by:SWIFT     2021-04-13
When customers need to order hand-held paper bags, they must pay attention to the design and material selection to achieve the desired effect. The cost of the paper bag is also very important. In what ways can the cost be controlled? Let's take a look at the price of hand-held paper bags.

The first is the choice of paper material. The material is a big factor in the price. The main materials for hand-held paper bags are white cardboard, coated paper, and kraft paper. Among them, white cardboard is slightly more expensive. The material of kraft paper will be cheaper. In addition to the commonly used paper, there is also a special paper, and the price is generally higher.

Next is the paper bag printing process. In addition to the normal printing of paper bags, there are spot color printing, single color printing and four-color printing, and some special processes can be added to include bronzing, hot silver, uv, embossing, etc. . Their price is set according to the area, and different processes will definitely have different effects, and they are generally used as the brand logo for making paper bags.

The last is the quantity. The more the quantity, the lower the price. This is because a hand-held paper bag needs to make a specific template and other preparation costs. It is spread flat on each paper bag, so the unit price will be lower if the quantity is large.
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