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us firm introduces new moisturizing facial masks.

by:SWIFT     2020-03-26
Boston, June 14, 2013-(PR. com)--
Greenyarn is a Boston company that develops advanced fabrics for consumers seeking environmental protection
A friendly alternative to traditional materials, is rolling out the third iteration of the Mask series, Moist 3. \"Moist+ 3[TM]
\"The mask is back, better, no parab gold and sulfuric acid,\" said Robin Lo, CEO of Green yarn . \".
\"Using feedback from our customers, Moist 3 [TM]
Simple relaxing, moisturizing and safe daily use.
Our patent ecosystem
The cotton and newly designed soft cotton mask contains a large amount of nutrients, which are easier to absorb and comfortable than other traditional masks, and the nutrient absorption speed is faster.
\"Made of embedded nano-fibers
Charcoal particles, ecology
Cotton absorbs and emits far infrared rays that can spread under the skin, stimulating blood flow and cell activation.
This makes it easier for nutrients in the mask to be absorbed by the wearer\'s skin. \"The Moist+ 3[TM]
The mask will give you the benefits of aspa-
\"Quality facial care in your own home, less than half of the next top mask,\" said Alan Wong, a Malaysian distributor at Greenyarn . \".
\"Every mask is prepared in advance. cut and pre-
Moisturize the skin with seaweed extract, hyaluronic acid, bamboo extract, and prep extract to enhance the gloss of the skin. Moist+ 3[TM]
It can moisturize and repair the skin and prevent the formation of wrinkles.
It can also prevent cleanliness and skin whitening in 15 minutes.
Unlike other masks, this fabric is not bleach and therefore does not contain any harmful preservatives that may cause skin irritation.
Navin Weeraratne, South Asia account manager at Greenyarn, said: \"There are many cheap masks out there that don\'t work . \".
\"We\'re starting to see that people are very interested in Moist 3 [TM]
From retailers and customers as our repeat customers are impressed by the quality of the soft cotton mask and the thickness of the serum.
Contact Information: Robin Low 857, Greenyarn LLC-919-
9700 contact by emailgreenyarn.
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