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by:SWIFT     2019-10-03

The design of the fruit gift box needs to have a good grasp of the surface hardness and the arrangement of the internal space. In the production of the gift box, attention should be paid to the different characteristics of the fruit. Gift Box Packaging Selection of materials. Compared with other gifts, apart from the appearance of objectivity, it is more practical. And there is Gift Box Packaging is also decent. It is really a good gift for the cost-effective use of new types of gifts.

1, Corrugated boxes are widely used in fruit packaging solutions because of their advantages of light weight, good cushioning performance, strong plasticity of shape structure, no pollution hazard, and environmental protection. The rupture of the bottom of the box not only damages the packaged fruit, but also causes the entire package to disperse. Therefore, there is a sufficient number of vertical corrugations on the top of the box and on the edge of the cardboard to have sufficient compressive strength.

2, plastic packaging solutions box is a commonly used packaging solutions container, widely used in food and other food areas. Easy to mold, just change the mold, you can get different types of containers, and easy to form mass production; Good packaging solutions effect, plastic variety, easy to color, bright color, can be made according to the needs of different types of packaging solutions containers, to obtain the best Packaging effect.

3, the real fruit gift box is in the form of a gift box to package fresh fruit, because many fresh fruit is very delicate, especially the imported fruit needs more careful care. Moreover, if the temperature is under control during transportation, the fresh fruit is very likely to be damaged or deteriorated.

When sending a fruit gift box, after all, it is healthy and everyone needs it. It is okay to visit relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. And there is a gift box and it is decent. It is really a good gift for the cost-effective use of new types of gifts.

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