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uflex set to enthrall visitors with its stall at \'make in india week\'

by:SWIFT     2020-03-15
New Delhi, February 15 (ANI)
: Uflex Limited, India\'s largest global flexible packaging company, was located in stand 22 during the \"Manufacturing week in India\" in Mumbai, aiming to attract the attention of tourists. 21.
In line with the Indian government\'s \"manufacturing\" spirit, cynosure of the Uflex exhibition is a sterile packaging factory for packaging liquid products to be established in Sanan, Gujarat state.
The initial capital expenditure of this factory is Rs.
580 crore, approximately 250 people will be employed in the first phase.
As the plant is put into commercial operation early next year, the flexible packaging giant will complete its entire bouquet supply of products, currently including solid, semi-solid, viscous liquid, paste, gel, powder particle material, etc.
Sanand land parcel covers 72 acres and the company will then consider expanding its existing manufacturing capabilities in the remainder.
Some of the other important features that Uflex pavilion needs to pay attention to are the innovative \"balance improvement atmospheric container \"(E-MAP)
This is the most comprehensive shelf life extension solution for fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers in sustainable biotechnology
The first degradation package in the world.
FlexFresh™It is the patent formula of Uflex Co. , Ltd. , which is supplied worldwide from India.
FlexFresh™Provide the maximum shelf life of all packaging solutions on the market to date.
Successful cases include pomegranate exported from India to Europe and sweet pepper from the Netherlands to the United States, with minimal weight loss and intact harvest quality upon arrival.
Uflex\'s commitment to \"Mother Nature\" has always been high --
This fact will be highlighted in the India manufacturing week exhibition.
The packaging film and laminate are recyclable/recycled
There is no doubt that the processing has been proved.
Uflex\'s exhibition will further educate the visitor\'s ecology
The friendliness of flexible packaging products.
\"For Uflex, it is an absolute honor to present the most modern and innovative flexible packaging solutions on such a magnificent platform as manufacturing week in India.
Uflex is rooted in India and is committed to the prosperity of our great country, \"said Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and general manager.
\"We are committed to excellence in quality, the ability to process any quantity of orders, timely delivery, market access speed, creating value-added differentiated innovation, ecology
Ashok Chaturvedi added: \"For the past 30 years, friendly and impeccable customer service in the field of flexible packaging has been contributing to the promotion of the image of the Indian brand and will(ANI)
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