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toy box lid supports are crucial to the safety of the toy box

by:SWIFT     2019-12-07
The consumer goods safety board has received many reports of injuries to young children caused by toy boxes, due to the accidental fall off of the lid and even trapping the child in the box.
In addition to these injuries, the box style can also cause bumps, bruises and small fingers if the manufacturer follows safety precautions, which can be avoided.
Although these designs have many functional uses, including storing toys and keeping sundries to a minimum, consumers can have many concerns about the safety of these boxes.
As parents, safety is their top priority, and safety is often the most important when buying a children\'s toy box.
Many toy boxes may have all the requirements that match the child\'s room or blend into the family room, but there are no necessary safety components.
Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the chosen style is not only visually pleasing, but also to follow safety precautions to protect your child.
What is Lid Support?
According to the consumer goods safety board, in order for the toy box to be safe for children, this style should have a hinge cover with a toy box cover bracket to ensure that the cover remains open in any position.
Many companies now design safe toy chest styles
Cover holder designed.
This feature ensures that the lid does not fall on top Children when trying to retrieve the items they store.
In addition to the toy box lid holder, the cut-out on the side and front of the box under the lid will prevent the finger from being squeezed when the lid is closed.
Many of these structures also have different uses, including benches, so one should make sure that the chest is firm and has no sharp edges.
In addition, Toy Box safety extends to other aspects, and more elements need to be found when choosing a safe toy box.
Many of these designs are leading
It is free for children of all ages and therefore safe.
These structures should also include air ventilation required by the consumer goods safety board, there should never be a latch or lock, and more importantly, the child should be able to open from the inside if he falls.
Once found a safe toy box manufacturer with a wide variety of hand made Styles in a wide variety of woods, including oak, cherry or espresso, make sure there is a toy box that blends seamlessly with the rest of the home decor.
Not only that, a selection of options is available when designing a unique toy box, including personalized fonts, wooden borders, and laser engraving.
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