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Top tips for a Successful House Move

by:SWIFT     2020-06-07
A successful house move is all about being as organised as possible and finding the right removals company who'll offer help and advice. Birmingham removals companies are pretty simple to find, but the right company to fit your family and budget may be slightly harder to identify. Small Movers is a professional and friendly business that specialises in moving families both large and small. We can help with all aspects of your move from helping you pack to a person advice on customized the best removal boxes. We are also able to help with secrets to ensure that your move is as stress free potentially. The first a couple of important thing to handle when planning any home removals might be to make an inventory of everything you ought to move. You're unlikely to mislay a wardrobe or a bed, but smaller items can be easily overlooked or lost during a house move, and if something is lost on the road an inventory is invaluable proof for your insurance company. Valuable jewellery and important documents can go in a safety deposit box for the duration of the move to be sure neither is dumped inadvertently. Estimate how much packaging you need to have and order early. Small Movers can recommend packaging suppliers that can deliver nationwide. Don't forget that normal cardboard boxes are single thickness and not good. For proper protection and boxes that wont collapse when full we recommend double thickness packing boxes. Bubble wrap is perfect for protecting fragile object, but newspaper can be just effective and is much cheaper. As soon as your packaging arrives start packing up non-essentials. Individuals such as deckchairs, winter coats and wellies, will depend on the season. Others, such as ornaments and books, could be packed immediately whatever the weather. As soon as you have packed a box label it! A listing of the contents, variety that can be cross referenced having a spread sheet of items or the name of the room that the items came from or are destined for can all aid you in preparing identify that box with the absolute essentials needed because cross the threshold into your new home - namely tea, coffee and biscuits. Also make sure that the box is clearly marked when the contents are subtle. Movers are generally careful with boxes but a box marked 'fragile' will be put at the the superior stack and handled with more attention and care. If you are using linen and bedding to wrap delicate items make certain the box is clearly marked in order that the unpacker is aware there are breakables in amongst the sheets and pillows. If furniture or other items need to be dismantled before moving, make sure that each of the of the parts are packed together and that any screws or small (and essential) parts are put in the bag that is securely attached to the rest of the item. Cover the surfaces of any furniture to prevent scratches, antique wooden furniture in particular can sustain damage if not wrapped properly. Moving house plants can be particular headache, but careful wrapping in bubble wrap or gardeners fleece should ensure that there is little change or no negatively affect. House plants are best left until paid traffic . minute before being moved, and benefit from being unwrapped and placed in their new location straight away.
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