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Tips in making paper bags

by:SWIFT     2021-04-13
There are many types of hand-held paper bags, and most of the paper bags on the market today are square-bottomed paper bags with relatively standardized shapes. In the production process, the offset printing process is used to complete the printing. However, the production process is relatively simple. Most of them are produced by printing first and then processing technology. In fact, some appropriate changes can be made to the subsequent process, the effect will be much better, and it can save some unnecessary losses, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Some paper bag manufacturers usually use the re-use of the molded version. Usually, when the hand-held paper bag is made, it does not require high dimensional accuracy. According to some characteristics of paper bags, the manufacturer first made a precise statistical summary of the length, width, and height of the paper bags, and then classified and numbered them according to the different heights of the paper bags to make a molded version.

Secondly, the molding method has also been improved. If thick paperboard is used instead of creasing line, paper bag creasing processing usually does not need creasing line to cooperate with steel wire, and thick paperboard is used instead of creasing line. This folding method has a certain depth, and it is not easy to run out of lines when folding.

Better results can be obtained when folding hand-held paper bags. Then you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. The thickness of the backing paper should be sufficient.

2. Before molding, fold the teeth on the pad to make groove marks.

3. Fold along the threads of the paper so that the molding pressure can be lower.
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