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The distinction of portable paper bag printing machine

by:SWIFT     2021-04-13
Printing is an indispensable part when customizing paper bags. How is the printing machinery classified? What are the differences between them? Let's take a look at the paper bag editor, the important printing machinery in paper bag printing.

If it is classified from paper bag printing machinery, there are two categories. First of all, we also talk about the first category is distinguished by the size of the printable paper. We will choose the appropriate paper according to the size required by the customer. Because the size of the paper bag is different, the size of the paper selected is also different. , Then you can choose according to the size, such as 8 boot, 6 boot, 4 boot, 2 boot is also dual boot and full boot, etc.

The second classification is based on the color number of colors. We choose the printing press according to the number of colors. There are single-color, two-color, four-color machines, etc. This is four-color. There is also a special color, and there are also 4+1 printing presses, that is, four-color plus a special color, such as special gold, special silver, and so on.
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