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The difference between plastic and paper shopping bags

by:SWIFT     2021-01-19
“ Ban plastic & throughout; , the implementation of the national large supermarkets now with the plastic shopping bags from the shelves, new or paper bags instead of plastic bags. So what's the different between they? Below small make up for you to explain by clothes bag factory; 1 point, the material of plastic and paper shopping bags different plastic raw materials are: 63% for polypropylene, 23% polyester, 8% viscose, 2% of acrylic fiber, 1. 5% polyamide, remaining for other fibers. Paper bags of raw materials are: produced by trees and other plants, experience of link only plant timber and paper 2 points, the classification of plastic and paper shopping bags can be divided into different plastic bags, environmental protection, plastic bags, plastic vest bag, plastic bag, plastic shopping bags, etc. Paper can be divided into handheld white cardboard bag, garment bag, kraft paper bags, etc. In terms of their use, both of which are relative to environmental protection. Point 3 different forms of printing, plastic and paper shopping bags, paper bags can be directly use color printing machine, and not plastic bags. The process is relatively complicated. It needs to be printed on the film, then put on plastic. This is our common resin coated plastic bags. Both monochrome printing and color printing, the cost of paper bag is relatively higher. 4 different paper bags, plastic and paper shopping bags to carry way can't fold. A single fold will have crease, affect beautiful. The plastic bag can be folded, easy to carry. Go out shopping, go to the market, directly take a plastic shopping bag in the pocket, easy to use. 5 points, the minimum quantity of an order for plastic and paper shopping bags are in accordance with the requirements of the guests between different content to customize the size and printing, paper bag is the minimum quantity of an order for 5000 can do, but the minimum quantity of an order for custom plastic bags now need to go to 10000. Above is the shenzhen garment bag factory plastic products co. , LTD. Plastic bag manufacturers, explain the difference between the plastic and paper shopping bags for you. What is the use of plastic bags or environmental protection bags made of paper, up to you to decide. Here are some tips to you, hope to help you.
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