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take note: the paper industry is planning a big comeback

by:SWIFT     2020-03-18
Remember paper? Memos to sign. Maps to fold.
Letter to write
Calendar to flip.
The eager paper executives remember.
They looked at e-
More than three copies of mail, annotated pdf, digital calendar and paperless bills have been reducedand writing-
In recent years, the development of the paper industry has stimulated the closure of factories and led to the disappearance of thousands of jobs.
But now Paper and Packaging
It\'s still a $132 billion industry, but it\'s lost 5% in the office. and writing-
Paper income per year
It\'s a counterattack.
With the help of the USDA program to help milk companies produce \"milk that gets?
Advertising, paper and packaging manufacturers have launched millions of dollars worth of advertising campaigns to remind the digital revolution of how paper \"solves problems\", as the marketing verse says \", \"provide an outlet for our creativity\" and \"contact us in a personal, meaningful way \".
\"What we really want to do is reaffirm our desire to use paper,\" said Mary Anne Hansan, executive director of the organization paper and packaging board behind the advertising campaign.
\"In an increasingly competitive world, we need to have a say.
\"The paper is not trying to reduce the pixels.
\"Of course we are not trying to break the digital revolution,\" said John D . \"
Domtar\'s chief executive, Williams, is a large producer of offices and writing newspapers.
\"It would be a very ridiculous idea.
I have my iPhone and iPad.
But we try to show people how paper works for them in their lives.
In a television advertisement, a little boy wrote to his father overseas.
He folded them into paper planes and then fired them on the fence in his backyard, and the neighbors packed them and shipped them to dad.
In another envelope, a young woman handed two baseball tickets to her grandfather.
They picked up a box of doughnuts and went to the scene of the game and kept scoring.
Goose bumps are almost visible from the screen.
In the episodes of \"Modern Family\", \"Big Bang Theory\", \"Song Fei Biography\" and \"office\", these advertisements appear on TV and Hulu, \"about the iconic performance of a paper company in Pa Scranton. (
Famous Jim line: \"I can\'t say Dunder-
It\'s not flammable, sir.
But I can assure you that it will certainly not be more flammable. ”)
The industry representative said that their target audience is those who are known to them as expressives: educated staff who like paper but no longer use it.
This group is faced with constant nagging about how paper is wasted, and digital products are better for personal productivity, especially at work, where employers find that adding a second monitor to a workstation reduces paper consumption.
Paper and packaging companies are funding advertising through one of 22 USDA checkout programs aimed at promoting certain items. The programs —
Fully funded by the manufacturer
Help beef, blueberries, honey, peanuts and even popcorn producers join forces to fund research and promotion that will benefit their industry.
For non-edible things, paper is one of the few such procedures.
The initial advertising effort was designed to remind people how paper is connected and rich.
In addition to warm and fuzzy advertising, the campaign is also driving research on how paper and handwriting can improve learning.
Research cited by marketers suggests millennials prefer to print textbooks.
Next year, the campaign will be developed to include education on recycling and sustainable forestry.
This is a kind-
Two marketing punches to revive the status of the paper industry
Or as Domtar said in its annual report to investors, its \"long term decline \".
Todd Stone, creative director at Cramer, said: \"Newspapers are actually like a character in our life story, but it\'s a character we don\'t have much attention --\"
Krasselt, an advertising agency.
\"When we see it and notice it, its universal presence becomes apparent, but its importance becomes apparent as well.
\"Paper was born in China and is about 2,000 years old.
It immediately becomes vital and has always been so, perhaps more important than any other substance on Earth, excluding water.
\"When it comes to pure utilities, without paper, modern hygiene practices are unthinkable,\" wrote Nicholas . \".
Paper scholar Basbanes wrote in the 430-page paper.
\"When used as a currency, people move the world to take possession of it.
In the field of intelligence, every way of scientific inquiry begins with the non-verbal sparks of the mind, and usually the first outbreak of perception will appear more fully on a piece of paper.
\"But the digital revolution has downgraded those typical paper jobs to trash cans, even if our online lives have increased the use of paper packaging for all Amazon boxes. (
But maybe Amazon is by Jeffrey P. , owner of The Washington Post.
Bezos, is actually a wash, given the paper-killing Kindle. )
\"The newspaper was negatively affected,\" Basbanes said in an interview . \".
\"The paper is great.
I like these things.
But in the long run, Basbanes is not frustrated by this seemingly threatening moment in the history of newspapers.
First of all, he thought he could replace some of the paper\'s functions with a machine, especially if some trees were saved in the process.
He said that as we all know, paper and technology cooperation
The first computer uses paper to punch in.
There are signs of this happening again.
Popular digital note and organization Platform Evernote sells Evernote-branded Post-
It is designed for easy scanning and uploading of notes and a Moleskine notebook.
The software can recognize handwriting and users can easily search for notes.
According to a company document that was viewed online in a PDF form, Moleskine\'s sales increased by 13% last year.
Despite this, the industry has seen the text on paper.
Staples closed hundreds of stores.
Last year, the Government Printing Office changed its name to the Government Publishing Office, reflecting a sharp cut in Government Printing, prompting the paper industry to lobby against further cuts.
Large paper companies have begun to diversify.
Domtar is transferring some paper machines to make pulp fluff. For what? Adult diapers.
While paper executives know that copywriting and writing are unlikely to become a thriving business again in the US --
While developing countries that lack Apple stores are using it heavily --
They think they can contain the loss by prompting people to remember the good times of the newspaper.
The newspaper executives used the dead enemy of the newspaper to spread the news.
In addition to television, one of the key media for the campaign is the Internet.
Paper ads appear on Ticketmaster\'s website and even on tickets printed by people.
The event also targets Shutterfly, a website that people can store --and print —photos.
The sport uses its own website and how life unfolds.
Social media spread reports about newspapers.
There are many links to the story about reading: \"Can reading printed books make you healthier?
Read these words.
\"Another article is about the Cleveland Brown team taking notes on the drama last season using paper and pen, even though the rest of the NFL went to the tablet.
\"Football is a small thing,\" said one defender . \"
\"The direction is not big.
You write down some little things and you put it together and it adds up. ”To what?
\"You are using your brain more actively.
But the newspaper did not lead Brown into the playoffs.
Maybe they will use the ipad this season.
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