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SWIFT What should be paid attention to in the design of corporate promotional album printing? personalized plastic bags

by:SWIFT     2019-09-22
First, the elements of promotional album design 1. Conceptual elements, the so-called conceptual elements are those that do not actually exist, are not visible, but people's consciousness can feel something. For example, we see the sharp corners of the figure, feel a bit above it, and there are edge lines on the outline of the object. Conceptual elements include: points, lines, faces. 2. The visual element: The concept element is not embodied in the actual design, it will be meaningless. Conceptual elements are usually represented by visual elements that include the size, shape, color, etc. of the graphic. 3. Relational elements: How the visual elements are organized and arranged on the screen depends on the relationship elements. Including: direction, position, space, center of gravity, etc. 4. Practical elements: refers to the meaning, content, purpose and function of the design. Second, propaganda album design The midpoint, line, surface composition image is the external features of the object, is visible. The image includes all parts of the visual element. All the concept elements such as dots, lines, and faces also have their own images when they are seen on the screen. The basic form in graphic design: In graphic design, a group of identical or similar figures is composed, each of its constituent units becomes a basic form, and the basic form is a minimum unit. It can be used to arrange and combine according to a certain structural principle. Good makeup effect. 1. Formation: In the composition, due to the basic combination, a combination of shape and shape is produced. 2. Separation: There is a certain distance between the shape and shape without contact. 3. Contact: The edge between the shape and the shape is exactly tangent. 4. Overlapping: The relationship between shape and shape is a complex relationship, which results in a spatial relationship between up, down, left and right. 5. Through stacking: The transparency between shapes and shapes overlaps, but does not produce the spatial relationship between up and down. 6. Combination: The combination of shape and shape becomes a new, larger shape. 7. Subtraction: mutual coverage between form and shape, where the coverage is cut off. 8. Overlapped: Shapes and shapes overlap each other, creating new shapes at overlapping places. Third, propaganda album design gradient and repeat gradient Gradient is an effect I often hear about, in the natural world can experience it personally, on the road we will feel the trees from near to far, from big to small gradient. 4. Approximate and skeletal approximations of the propaganda album design. Approximation refers to the common features in terms of shape, size, color, texture, etc. It shows the effect of vivid changes in unity. The degree of approximation can be large or small, and if the degree of approximation is large, a sense of repetition is produced. A small degree of approximation will undermine unity. V. The launch and specificity and contrast of the propaganda album design. Launch is a common natural phenomenon. The sun's rays are emitted. The emission has the regularity of the direction, and the launch center is the most important visual focus. All the images are concentrated in the center, or spread out from the center, sometimes it can create optical movement, it will have an explosive feeling, and it has a strong visual effect. 6. The denseness, texture, and spatial intensive design of promotional album design is a commonly used method of organizing drawings. The basic shape can be freely distributed throughout the entire composition and has sparse density. The most sparse or densest place often becomes the visual focus of the entire design. Creates a visual tension in the drawing, like a magnetic field, with a sense of rhythm. Intensiveness is also a contrasting situation. The number of arrays of basic shapes is used to generate dense, virtual, and tight contrast effects. Seventh, there is a relationship between the map and bottom of the propaganda book design and the dispersive rhythm map and the bottom map and the bottom. The blue sky, white clouds and red and green leaves in nature reflect the relationship between contrast and contrast. In the graphic design, the figure is inseparable from the bottom, and sometimes it is the reverse relationship. 8. The division and balance of propaganda book design and its arrangement and division. In the plane structure, the whole is divided into parts, which is called segmentation. In daily life, this phenomenon can be seen at any time. For example, the ceiling and floor of a house constitute a division. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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