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SWIFT underwear packaging boxes The 'living fossil' of printing, the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, 1 word for 40 y

by:SWIFT     2019-09-27
The first impression of movable type printing was that at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, hundreds of actors formed a phalanx and used the evolution process of the Chinese character “和和” to show the world one of China’s four ancient inventions. The scene is still remembered. Still fresh; while traveling in the Hakka ancestral area of ​​Ninghua County, Sanming, Fujian, and seeing the real version of “living type printing”, I did not expect that the ancient wood type printing and printing techniques still being used by Ninghua had been used for more than 700 years. Not only has it not been destroyed, but it has passed on to this day. Ninghua Wood Type Printing Technology was listed as the fourth batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage; and I had the privilege of meeting Master Zou Jianning, who inherited the intangible cultural heritage. He adhered to the “one character” forty years and it was “Wooden Type”. . The ancestral craftsmanship, childhood hobbies in the Hakka ancestral home of the Hakka publicity wood type studio, Zou master sat at the workbench, carefully carved in a small number of small wooden blocks, knife in his hand, change the pen like, In the narrow space, sway with ease, engrave the positive words of Yang. What is Yang Wen? The use of mold printing, knife carving, pencil piles and other methods, the emergence of concave and convex objects, flat characters and patterns, etc.; the surface of the raised text or pattern is Yang Wen, depression is Yin. Asked how Master Zou mastered superb craftsmanship. He said that he was very curious when he was a child at home, and he was very curious to see grandfather doing wood type carving and printing. He followed his grandfather at the age of 14 and has been working for 40 years, doing the same thing. , 'Carving and Printing.' In order to reduce the burden on her mother, she started as a teacher. Master Zou said that when he was six years old, his father died and the family's pillars collapsed, and his mother was struggling to hold home. He graduated from junior high school and wanted to relieve the burden on his mother as soon as possible. In 1980, the Ninghua Zhang family asked people to cultivate genealogy. At the age of 17, he began to do “printed-printing.” People claimed that the master of the genealogy spectrum was “spectator.” Ninghua is a Hakka ancestral land. Their ancestors migrated from the Central Plains to northern Fujian, where they lived together. Because the Hakkas valued the clan and rebuilt the genealogical traditions, the “brutler” profession came into being. There are no short cuts for doing the repairs, relying on one word, one word, one knife, one knife, and one stamp. In a rectangular black wooden box with brightly painted lacquer, there is a small piece of small pear with a square centimeter square; the reason why the lettering is used is pear wood and lotus wood because the two kinds of wood are more resistant to cracking and will not crack; the other material is delicate , Ink blotting is good, printed on jade buckle paper shade uniform. Each small block is engraved with an anti-written Chinese character. After the anti-word is engraved, more than 10 procedures such as picking, typesetting, proofreading, cutting, applying ink, brushing, punching, cover, and binding can be performed to create the genealogy. After a long period of training, Master Zou became a versatile player who wrote, engraved, printed and ordered. In the Ming Dynasty, Ninghua used a large amount of wood type printing and had a history of more than 700 years. It created a number of halls such as Wen Qi Tang and Wen Lin Tang. The genealogy produced by using wooden movable type, the longer the year is, the more mellow and elegant, and the slightly yellowed paper on the rice paper. Each of the three types of characters on the rice paper is the best interpretation of the old-fashioned and well-established characteristics of the family tree. The machinist can independently complete the entire spectrum of the work of repair technicians, this ancestor on the inherited skills, bearing the Chinese nostalgia feelings and printing wisdom. Difficult to wait, to see the light but to repair the pedigree, but by the limit of the year, usually three or forty years to repair one, by 1996, Ninghua large-scale repair of the genealogy has been completed, so, wood type printing in the local basically no work to do Now. Master Zou once lived for a period of time, carving and keying. Can be done for many years of 'wood live printing', how to inherit and hold down? How can tens of thousands of wooden movable characters uploaded by the ancestors work? Master Zou thinks about how to open up new markets? Later, from the transformation of printed genealogy to the production of handicrafts, Such as wood carving wood, plaques, pendants, etc.... In 2008, wooden type printing ushered in the dawn. The wooden movable type printing was included in the national intangible cultural heritage; Ninghua was named 'The Printing Museum of Fujian Printing Culture Protection Base'. The technicians who have been silently doing folk wood type printing for several decades have been rated as inheritors of intangible heritage. Master Zou is one of them. For the inheritance of wooden movable type printing, Ninghua County attaches great importance to providing workplaces for the use and display of inheritors. Master Zou’s workroom is also provided free of charge in Ninghua County, which brings benefits to technicians and also brings confidence. Now, over 50 years, Master Zou took his apprentice to expand the space for wooden movable type products to meet the needs of the market and carry out customized services. Through 'online and offline' methods and 'network and entity' in parallel, he inherited wood type. skill. According to the customer's needs, the production of wood type artwork, tourism products, such as gifts and creative gifts, love works, screen decorations, etc.; during the holiday, the word 'fu' is very popular, pray for happiness. Speaking of apprentices, Master Zou said that as he grew older, he needed to inherit the skills of the next generation. However, many young people were reluctant to observe the boring wood and lived loneliness. It was not easy to calm down and learn. Master Zou was pleased that the apprentice he took was very careful and his son joined the ranks when he was 16 years old. Now he has become a good helper for him. The old industry has injected fresh blood and saw the hope of the future of wooden movable type! A wooden movable type, printed in Chinese characters Living fossils, a cultural treasure of heaven and man, will always stand out on the Hakka land. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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