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SWIFT Tsinghua beauty scholarship geography notes first exposure, fine print, the teacher secretly print to do teaching material

by:SWIFT     2019-09-29

Geography as a liberal arts-compatible discipline, many students will have some fear of geography in the process of learning geography, so in order to avoid this situation, I have organized some geography learning methods to share with you. Geography studies the differences, distribution patterns, and causes of geographic environment. Many of the knowledge of middle school geography are very useful in real life, so learning geography is an unshirkable responsibility for everyone. If a student has a keen interest in a subject, he will have a strong desire for knowledge and his learning potential will be maximized. As a geography teacher, when I was communicating with many children about geography learning, many students reported to me that they did not have the habit of doing geo-notes. Because compared to taking notes, many students think that geography studies maps and maps The ability of maps is more important. This is the focus of geography exams. However, in my opinion, when studying geography, we must pay attention to the concept of learning, and we must digest, understand, and absorb all the geographic concepts one by one. Recently, when I was looking at student notes, I noticed that many students would not take notes. So, I have organized a geographer's geography notes. It will be helpful for those who are taking notes and are confused and needy. Parents can collect and give their children learning. Update the first two volumes, to the early stage of the exam, be sure to do a good job review, knowledge, remember, familiar, usually combined with the exam look. The test will be correct and calm. First time

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