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SWIFT Tips on Bargaining for Printing Business Staff jewellery packaging boxes

by:SWIFT     2019-09-27
First, preemptive - based on my offer Print business people with the same business in order to negotiate orders to learn from some of the practices of commercial distribution. For example, in shopping malls, specialty stores, and other business establishments, such noticeable slogans are often seen: This product does not participate in discounts, bargaining is negotiable, it is the lowest price, bargaining is free, if someone wants to counter-offer when shopping The salesperson pointed out: I'm sorry, we do not bargain here. If the customer repeatedly asked if it can be cheaper, the final few hundred dollars of the product is only a small amount of ten yuan. In this way, it is easy to avoid a bargaining battle with customers. In addition to preventing price bargaining by customers in order to indicate the processing price rules, it is also possible to refer to the preemptive approach of the following responsibilities. 1. Explain to clients the factors that affect the price customization, for example, that they are based on the printing price standard quotations formulated by the price submission department, rather than the price of their own, indicating that the reasons for high prices, so that customers feel that they are indeed dealing with the orthodox manufacturers Although there is not much room for bargaining, the finished products are guaranteed by quality and time, and are worthless. 2. It shows that the operation of this batch of processed products is also not profitable. It is entirely in line with the old relationship cultivated by each family for years. We hope that this time customers can also help and take care of and show that they will meet. In the future cooperation in other varieties, to make up for, give preferential treatment. Of course, there must be a precondition for adopting such a preemptive approach. That is, the products to be processed by customers are tightly traded and have high quality requirements, or are bulky, and the process is very complicated and so on. He is admired because it is not because of the high and low processing prices. The final transaction that directly affects the customer is successful; otherwise, the customer will be rejected thousands of miles away. Second, after the strike - see the machine acting to quotations In the printing business is often asked the price of the phone ringing constantly, home inquiries, indirect, direct customers are many. The quotation workbook is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. It was busy for a while, but after some inquiry, it was not seen. The customer never looked back and it was a headache. In general, the customer asked mainly from two purposes: first, he is really interested in looking for factory processing products, asked the price to understand the processing price base; second, he did not mind processing products in your area, to ask this machine to understand The processing price base is a comparison, which is to explore the actual situation. In addition, there is another situation in which some old customers use unilateral bargaining as an excuse to reject or terminate their cooperation and hit a price that we simply cannot afford. In view of the above situation, first of all, it is necessary to find out the true meaning. The manufacturer's business person should not report the price by asking the customer to call the customer or asking the customer to come to the door to ask for the price. If a customer negotiates on a price cut, if it is easy to reduce it again and again, it will give customers the feeling of too much moisture. It is best for the customer to quote a price by himself and use this method to check the price. He/she acts on the machine to make a correct judgment, clears the customer's inquiry and the real purpose of the bargaining, decides that his illiterate should not quote him, and the rough offer or the fine offer. Only by grasping the client's best efforts, can we objectively report the scope of the existing bargaining price and the attractive price to the customer. Third, highlight the advantages - in the high-end price bargaining First, the persuasion work, highlighting the company's own advantages. For example, first briefly introduce the company's good reputation and economic strength, has a first-class equipment, a full range of processing technology, reliable quality assurance and delivery guarantees on time. Second, it highlights comprehensive support services. Enthusiasm to help customers complete the process requirements, material use, and the cost of wages, etc.; help customers not only to make new processes and materials, improve the beauty of the products, and not increase costs; and to show customers Purchasing paper and materials, delivering manuscripts, sending products to the door, etc. can meet their requirements and provide considerate service. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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