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SWIFT Tips for Making Large-Sized Silk Screen Prints--Select Materials jewellery packaging boxes

by:SWIFT     2019-09-26
This article will show you how to select the frame for oversized jobs and how to properly select, tighten, coat, and expose large format screens for optimal results in printing. Browse some commercial print magazines or visit an industry exhibition and trade fair. You will find that large-format screen printing technology is being challenged by inkjet printing systems. As we all know, digital imaging technology is developing rapidly, can use long-lasting and long-lasting ink to print on a variety of substrates, and is gradually eroding the unique printing method of screen printing. In spite of this, screen printing is still occupying a strong competitive position in the field of decoration by virtue of its advancement in printing materials and the innovativeness of screen-making technology. Screen printing is a flexible and versatile fashion for decorative printing. It is also the best and may be the only choice for some applications. Large-format screen printing is particularly suitable for medium- to large-scale production of display pictures, fabrics, decorative glass and other industrial and special-purpose products. Screen printing dominates these markets primarily because large format screen printing output speeds range from about 6,000 to 30,000 square feet per hour, while most ink jet printers produce only 100 to 2,000 square feet per hour. Another reason why screen printing is so competitive is that it has printed conductive properties, abrasion resistance, and the ability to adapt to other particles and specialty inks. Not only that, it also has a rich ink color, including the Pantone Matching System (PantoneMatchingSystem) corresponding color, fluorescent color, metallic color and special color ink specially configured in some manufacturers. If we want to produce high-quality large-format images efficiently and in batches with screen printing, we must first have a certain understanding of the techniques for making large-format screen printing plates. This article is an introduction to the production processes and technologies needed to print 50x80-inch (1250x2000mm) or even larger format images. The focus will be on the most prominent areas of technological improvement in the process of making silk screens, and some alternative methods, some of which draw on the advantages of digital imaging technology. Large-format screen frames Large-format screen frames, because of their large size and weight, have brought some mobile difficulties to screen printing companies. But perhaps only a bit of skill is required and these frames can be managed in an orderly manner. In the past, the best way for everyone to move a frame was to drag it on one side or corner. However, the edges or corners that come into contact with the floor will not only cause noise, but will also cause wear on the corners and the floor. It will also cause the screen to get dust, dirt, or other debris. Slight vibrations can cause loss of tight web tension. This is one of the best ways to transport large screens with wheeled vehicles or light trucks. Please note that a large-format box is worth a few hundred dollars, equivalent to the screen version, and even if there is any carelessness, the screen will pop out of the box. Therefore, even with the help of trucks, two people are still needed to help transport and minimize potential dangers. Another issue that must be considered is the application of large format screen printing workflow. The layout of the factory is usually designed in accordance with the principle of the most efficient use of space, and generally does not consider the use of such a large-scale frame. The point is to make the distance to move it as short as possible. The shorter the screen plate moves, the less likely it is to damage it. We must face the fact that many screen printing plants have a small space, and there is no time for rational organization. But there are many problems that can be solved by people's wisdom. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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