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SWIFT Special Screen Making Techniques in Screen Printing shirt gift boxes wholesale

by:SWIFT     2019-09-28
In industrial applications, screen printing companies often face some unusual requirements, strange surface shapes, sizes, fiber and material combinations, and this is only a small part of the many tests faced by screen printing factories. Whether silk screen printing can become the preferred method in industrial application depends on whether it can meet these requirements, which will also bring considerable profits for the manufacturer. Prints that are hardest to print in industrial applications are not nameplates, oven panels, or mass-produced membrane switches, but control panels and boxes. But the flat metal parts, control panels and other heavy industrial components are more functional than the decorative, the design is relatively simple, usually 1 to 2 colors of the trademark structure, almost all of these products are polished by spraying metal Or sandblasted made. What is truly unusual and challenging for screen printing? It should be printed on convex surfaces such as bolts, inserts, sunroofs, protrusions, plug heads, etc. Traditional printing methods cannot meet the printing requirements of these products, but the improved silk screen technology can solve these problems well. Under normal circumstances, there are three main printing methods for warning signs in industrial equipment: pad printing, pasting ceramic decals or direct screen printing. Inkjet printing, computerized imaging, and etching can also be considered but not wise. Pad printing technology For irregular surfaces, printers will first consider pad printing. However, in most cases, pad printing is not a good solution. Although pad printing is suitable for curved printing, it requires that the surface of the substrate must be flat and uneven, so pad printing is not applicable to what we call industrial products. Moreover, the printing format and the number of printing presses cannot meet the requirements of such prints. The cost of pad printing is another issue. Screens can be stored and re-used for long periods of time, but the pad printing plate has a lifespan of only about 12 months. In general, pad printing is only suitable for printing smooth concave and convex surfaces, and is not suitable for printing forms, buttons, switches, etc. Therefore, it is not suitable for the industrial application we are discussing here. Ceramic decals Printers often choose ceramic decals to produce prints that do not have a good solution. For substrates with special surfaces, holes are often cut into a piece of ceramic decal paper to allow special surface locations, or multiple small ceramic decals are used to avoid special surfaces. Screen printing, die-cutting, and high-quality decals are a waste of cost for this small-volume product. Even with digital printing and die-cutting equipment, the cost is still considerable and quality cannot be guaranteed. In addition, the ceramic decals are usually not detachable once they are attached to the console or equipment, which makes the ceramic decals limited in adjustability. Because when using ceramic decals, rivets must be used to secure the device no matter which adhesive you use. On the other hand, direct printing of labels has no such concerns. Screen printing Screen printing does not seem to be suitable for this kind of work. Because the screen will be punctured by the raised surface of the substrate, even if the surface of the protrusion is not sharp, the screen will be slackened or stretched to deform the graphic when it contacts the screen. The question is how to overcome this problem. Making the right screen is the key to solving this problem. The method is to leave a hole in the corresponding place of the screen, so that the screen and the substrate are fully contacted during printing. However, such amendments will make the printing process manual production, resulting in changes in the quality and size of the printed images. Therefore, the number of prints required for these products is less than 1,000 pieces, or even less than 100. Printing equipment As mentioned before, when manual screen printing is used for the decoration process of products, the printing equipment needs to be regulated. The following requirements must be followed: Related labels: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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