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SWIFT Songyuan Sticker Printing Machine | Mini Printing Machine Factory custom jewelry packaging

by:SWIFT     2019-09-28

Matsubara Adhesive Printing Machine | Miniature Press Factory, Online Function Configuration The online development of developing functions was originally an advantage of web offset presses, and in recent years, some offset multifunction devices have also been developed for sheetfed offset presses. . However, the overall view of the 'China Printing Industry Annual Report', the advantages of online multi-functional configuration or web offset press is greater. The number of prints from 00 to 10,000 sheets is the range of the number of prints interleaved by sheetfed and web offset presses, and is also a competitive 'zone.' Self-adhesive printing presses are equipped with multiple worktables, which not only increase the manufacturing power level, but also increase the flexibility of manufacturing arrangements, which facilitates manufacturing management and increases economic efficiency. Dots can appear differently in different areas and appear moire. In order to ensure the accuracy of overprinting and the stability of screen printing process parameters, the four-tone screen screen printing requires that the screen tension of the four screens not only reach the same suitable level, but also the tension value may be the same as that of the screen screen. The net cannot be used immediately for R&D and production. It must be placed for more than two days to make its tension stable. Plastic printing plastic film - vinyl toys, school bags, plastic bags and so on. Plastic dials - fake metal composites and various dials. Manufacturing parts - equipment parts. Wood products printing crafts - lacquerware, wooden crafts, toys. Processing semi-finished products - sporting goods, wood, ceilings, signposts, signboards, fake metal pulls, billboards, etc. It is also possible to eliminate static electricity by applying an anti-static coating on the surfaces of electrostatically charged workpieces. Reasonable use of ink solvents. Even if the ink solvent mixing performance is good, and the conductivity of the solvent is good to adjust the ink viscosity. The grounding of the workpiece is generally increased from the screen printing equipment, so that the charge is released and the static electricity is eliminated. In the non-moisture-control screen printing workshop, water is generally splashed into the ground in the low-humidity season, and the humidity of the screen printing environment is adjusted during the evaporation process on the local surface. O56q7ds vertical structure, dual electric, integrated IC programming control, screen vertically up and down, printing head movement around. Cast aluminum: printed main beam, sliding sleeve, nose, mesh arm. All-dimensional three-dimensional high-precision grinding platform, uniform suction holes, with precision fine-tuning, color registration version. The screen lifting and printing process adopts an independent drive source with coordinated motion and adjustable speed. The company has a complete set of advanced self-adhesive printing press manufacturing equipment and advanced industrial R&D and production technologies. Specifically, it has a high-quality R&D design management and quality management team. Self-adhesive printing presses are strictly based on advanced quality standards. produce.

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