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SWIFT Secondary label printing processing skills jewelry packaging supplies

by:SWIFT     2019-10-02
The secondary label printing process is mainly applied to small label devices with simple structure and few functions. The general high-end intermittent self-adhesive label feeder equipment is equipped with a secondary printing processing device for expanding its functions. The round transformation labeler has many functions and can be combined to change the printing specifications, so more complex labels can be processed at one time. Adhesive labels require secondary printing in the following cases: 1 Increase the number of print colors. Intermittent labeling machine (flattening, rounding) is limited by the structure of the rubber roller and can print up to four colors. If the label requires printing more than five colors, it must be printed twice: after printing four colors at a time. , again on the machine to print other colors. 2 increase the printing area. The paper feeding width of the batch-type labeler is fixed. To increase the printing area of ​​the label, a large-area rubber roller must be used (general machinery is equipped with four-color, three-color, and two-color rubber rollers). The area of ​​the rubber roller is increased, and the number of colors on the roller is reduced. Therefore, in order to ensure large-area label printing, it must be printed twice or more. 3 Expand device capabilities. Some simple labeling equipments have few functions, such as bronzing, die cutting and punching, which share a set of platform stamping. In order to meet the various processing needs of labels, webs need to be processed twice or more at the same station to complete the entire process. Printing of labels. 4 Ensure quality and reduce consumption. Multi-functional labeling devices also often use secondary labeling methods to ensure quality and reduce consumption. Due to the multiple functions of the rotary machine, any process problems will cause the labels in the printing process to become invalid. Therefore, in order to ensure the printing quality of the labels, some printing companies use the first printing and processing, and the rolling paper processing the labels twice. (It can be on its own machine or on two devices). Although the production efficiency is reduced, the overall consumption is reduced. Guaranteed quality and reduced costs. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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