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SWIFT paper carrier bags Wood type printing inheritor Wang Fa Wan | Traders Encyclopedia

by:SWIFT     2019-09-30

I am the inheritor of the wood type printing. This is my artist's encyclopedia. Character brief introduction Wang Fawan male Born in 1973, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China wood wood carving artist, division teacher Dongyuan wood type printing technology thirty-fifth generation Successor's Individual Honor Work 'Li Baihang' won the 2017 China Arts & Crafts Fair Excellent Works Appraisal Gold Award Works 'Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter' won 2017 China Arts & Crafts Fair Exquisite Works Competition Silver Awards Multiple Works by Non-Heritage Network Intangible Expo Collection Brief Introduction to the History of Wood Type The source of Dongyuan Wood was produced and distributed in Dongyuan Village, Pingyangkeng Town, southwest of Ruian City, Zhejiang Province. According to the local “Wang Family Genealogy of Taiyuan County,” the Wang ancestors originally lived in Henan, the end of the Five Dynasties, Wang Chao, Wang Zishuo's brothers moved to Fujian one after another, and later moved to Anxi County in Fujian Province. In the early Yuan Dynasty, Wang Faqi, who lived in Changtai, Anxi County, Fujian Province, began editing the genealogy and printed genealogy in wooden type letters. " Series The art of " (printing and editing) came out. Ming Zhengde Between 1516 and 1521, some of Wang Fan’s descendants were moved from Puyang to Puyang and Xiangyuan in Pingyang, Zhejiang Province. In 1736, the first year of Qing Emperor Qianlong, Wang Yingzhong led his sons to move from Pingyang Xiangyuan to Rui Anyuan. Wang Fazhen initiated " Series The art of " is thus in Dongyuan Village " Landing Roots ". Dongyuanmu movable type printing is closely linked with the compilation of genealogy. The basic production process is: Start (Interview) - Yuqing - (Manuscript) - Semantic - Typesetting - Proofreading - Brushing - Circle - Branching - Crossing - Partitioning - Straw-cutting - Cutting - Loading - Covers - Stapling. It is necessary to do basic work such as drawing materials, making fonts, writing (inverse of characters), and lettering. Take a good pear wood, after the rain drying naturally dry after making the font, carved old Times, made of wood letters, ready for typesetting. Dongyuan Wood Type Printing Technology is a wooden movable type printing technique that China has the honour to keep and is still using. It can be called as a living fossil of ancient printing. Since the early Yuan dynasty, there have been more than 800 years of history. Dongyuan Wood movable type printing completely reproduces the traditional Chinese traditional type printing technique, which is original and has a very high historical and humanistic value. In 2008, Dongyuan Cunhua movable type printing technology was approved by the State Council and was included in the second batch of state-level intangible projects. Two years later, the 20th O "Intangible Cultural Heritage List Urgently in Need of Protection " has become one of the few world-class intangible projects in China, which has attracted the attention of the whole world. Inheritor Wang Fuwan Dongyuan Wood Type Printing Technology Transferee of the Thirty-fifth Generation (Wang Fawan) People from Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, born in 1973 in the world of intangible cultural heritage, the town of Pingyang in the southwest of Ruian City, the hometown of wooden movable type printing. Hang Dongyuan Village, wood type engraving engineer, music division. In 1990, she studied wood carving and printing techniques with her father for a decade. In order to be able to inherit the wood type carving technique, inherit the ancestral heritage and carry forward the great achievements, we have devoted 20 years of efforts. Over the past few years, we have been working hard to change the innovation of wooden type, and we have been able to innovate and reform the wood type. After years of hard work, we have finally achieved success. The innovative wooden movable wall decoration background, wood type ornament, wooden movable type printing experience hall, wooden movable type printing Chinese education, entered the campus. Let more people know that there is such an ancient art in the East China source that has been passed down. There is also such a living fossil in the folk. . Works Appreciate Wooden Lettering Ornaments Wood Lettering Ornaments Wood Lettering Chinese Learning Education Wood Lettering Ornaments Wood Lettering Seals Antique Seals Stamping Letters Wood Letterpress Print Ornaments Wood Letterpress Printing Experience Genealogy Wood Lettering Handwriting Anti-word Wood Wordpress Experience AWE Certificates World Class Intangible Certificate National Intangible Certificate

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