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SWIFT paper carrier bags How can a company's promotional brochures be designed to attract customers?

by:SWIFT     2019-09-22
Corporate brochures generally use paper materials as direct carriers, corporate culture, and corporate products as the content of communication. They are the most direct, most vivid, and most effective form of publicity for enterprises. Brochures are indispensable materials for corporate publicity. They can Good combination of company characteristics, clear expression of contents in the brochure, and rapid communication of information in the brochure are the focus of the brochure design. A good brochure includes ring linings, front pages, prefaces, catalogues, and inside pages. It also includes the design of the back cover. Brochure design emphasizes a sense of unity, from the creation of brochures, text art, and changes in catalogs and layouts, from the arrangement of pictures to the setting of colors, from the selection of materials to the quality of the printing process. Consider and plan, then rationally mobilize all design elements, organically integrate them, and serve the corporate connotation. The production of a beautiful and good quality corporate brochure is mainly divided into four steps: First: The design of the brochure must stand at the height of brand building. Many companies think that 'as long as you do a good job, you just have to look at the brochures, and you don't have much influence on the marketing of the company.' This is a big mistake! Propaganda is never good or bad. There is no intermediate evaluation. When the audience is defined as “general”, you may have been passively out. In this self-exposed society, it is more than just yourself to do a brochure. Only an outstanding brochure will make your company stand out among many other companies. Second: The brochure is a pioneer that the company uses to support the image. It is necessary to design the personality of the brand. There was once a business owner saying: “The brochures are not all the same! Find a copy and copy it!” I would like to ask, is your company willing to walk forever? Not every company's culture is the same, but it is simple and fast. It ignores the specificity, agency, and artistry of the brochure design. Then, at best, the brochure you make is only a copy of the imitation product you get after imitating other people's styles. . Putting on someone else's clothes to show off, it's not hard to imagine what the reaction is. An effective brochure is a concentrated expression of the company's characteristics, but it focuses on the direction of use. Or emphasis on product introduction, or emphasize corporate culture, or reflect market value, or based on investment analysis. In short, the purpose of its creation must be based on a unified purpose. Even a comprehensive sample requires core values. Third: The vision of the brochure must be far-sighted. Brochures are a very important part of corporate branding. The establishment of corporate status is a long-term process of accumulation. The design of brochures must have a long-term perspective. Otherwise, today's ideas will easily be overwhelmed by the tide of tomorrow. The most important thing for any person who does brand design is to see what others can't see and what people think of. This is particularly important in the design of brochures. A brochure is just like a company's mobile facade. It is generally a design that will last forever, and the possibility of arbitrarily changing is small unless the brand itself lacks self-confidence or encounters brand transformation. Fourth: determine the main color: corporate brochures are mainly used, it is best to have corporate-specific colors, such as industrial and commercial red, Agricultural Bank of China Green, CCB blue and so on. Save something if you have one. Another example is that technology companies must pay attention to the nature of his business and highlight the high-tech sense of science and technology, but they can't fall into the routine, and the use of corporate philosophy is vital. Try using a blue tone, generally such business owners like this kind of color, the specific or rely on your grasp, as well as eloquence. Things to note about printing a beautiful brochure: The following points should be considered in the printing process: 1. The exquisite print: The brochure has media advantages similar to that of magazine ads, that is, beautifully printed and highly intensive reading. This is relatively speaking. Poster advertising does not have. Therefore, brochures should make full use of the realistic imagery and vivid colors of products and service images printed by modern advanced printing technologies to attract consumers. At the same time, through vivid and well-documented advertising texts, the brochure has the advantage of visual and textual content, effectively delivering advertising messages, persuading consumers, and leaving a deep impression on products and services. 2 2. Dissemination is widespread: brochures can be printed, sent to affiliates or delivered to users with the merchandise. Or through product fairs, trade fairs distributed to the audience, so that advertising products or services information is widely circulated. Due to the small size of the brochure, it is easy to mail and carry. At the same time, some samples can also be stored as technical data for a long time. 3, take into account the inexpensive price: about 30 copies. Whether it is to get a printing factory or to get a quick printing shop on the street, it is definitely a fast printing shop. If it is 1000, then directly to the printing plant, it is recommended to choose the Internet one-stop printing manufacturers, such as India worry-free design printing, factory direct printing, from design to delivery through-train service, convenient and more favorable. 4, printing production: After the film drying, printing, binding, packaging solutions, delivery, receipt, payment, invoice collection and other links, exquisite corporate brochures on the production completed. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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