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by:SWIFT     2019-09-20
I believe we all heard that there are two kinds of black cockroaches and red cockroaches are high-grade skin care products, the product is more high-end will use different gift boxes. In the past few days, there are two customers who want to make two kinds of packaging solutions boxes. The style of the box is set by us. Let's first talk about a customer in Shandong who first made a red box and sent the product one day in advance. We, the customer said that we need to design a few programs first, and if the plan is passed we can place orders. Our price is not too expensive in the box industry. The most important thing for customers is to look at the design plan. I have designed 3 options for him here. I finally choose one. I personally feel that it is exquisite and beautiful. The following can share this box for you, hope that customers in need can come in and pay attention, every day will have different new information for everyone to see. In order to make it clearer for everyone to understand the structure and material of this box, it is also very comfortable to watch it out in detail. Know more detailed customer needs will be more clear, red box box type is a flip box, box surface paper with coated paper color printing, single-sided matte film 裱 1200G double gray board, the box's inner tray is relatively simple with a black cow card paper. The whole box is relatively simple to do, but the box is simple and there is a place that is still more attractive. The picture of the box surface is covered with a layer of light UV oil. The box white with black is always the representative of the atmosphere, if you want to High-end box, it is recommended to use some high-grade specialty paper, in fact, the box type is the same, depending on what material and technology, not the same as the choice of the price is different, hundreds of specialty paper, process dozens All kinds of products are available for customers to choose from. Bolin has a kind of model for everyone to choose from.枸杞 Customized packaging solutions box manufacturers, Shenzhen large-scale customized packaging solutions box, Variety style free design. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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