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SWIFT packaging boxes wholesale Paper printing and packaging: importing waste paper tends to continue to focus on papermaking se

by:SWIFT     2019-09-23
[Abstract] Chuan Choi-chung's point of view of the papermaking industry: In terms of packaging solutions paper, the Ministry of Environmental Protection approved the second batch of waste paper import licenses in 2018, and the management of waste paper import quotas continued to maintain a strict trend. As the year is approaching, the demand for packaging solutions paper is expected to increase again. We have judged that there is still room for upward movement in the price of national waste. In terms of cultural paper, pulp prices are high and support the increase in paper prices. With stable supply and demand patterns, small and medium-sized production capacity has been phased out due to rising costs, and industry concentration is expected to continue to increase. In the long run, the reform on the supply side is accelerating, and the overall prosperity of the sector has rebounded. The leading company's profit growth improvement period is expected to be prolonged, and it will continue to be optimistic about the leading enterprises for papermaking. The relevant targets include Shanying Paper, Bohui Paper and Zhongshun Jierou. Home section: Affected by the regulation and upgrade of real estate, the home industry is subject to certain shocks in the short term. However, in the context of consumer upgrades, the market space in the third and fourth tier cities has expanded, and the industry leader has strong ability to cross the real estate cycle. The relevant targets are Sofia and Europe. School home. Packaging and Printing Sector: Due to the impact of rising raw material prices and limited bargaining power of products, the overall profit of the industry is compressed, and it will take some time to improve the fundamentals. It is recommended to pay attention to industry leaders with high-end and large customer resources and strong bargaining power. Have the same technology. Market performance compared to last Friday's closing price, Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.56% to close at 3,339.75; Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose 2.68% to close at 4318.75; Growth Enterprise Index rose 2.78% to close at 1801.42; Light Industry Manufacturing Index rose 1.95 %, to close at 3035.84 points. The light industry manufacturing sector index rose by 16/28. The price tracked this week, the national waste price dropped by 2.33%, the US Waste 8# price dropped by 2.5%, the softwood pulp price maintained at US$800/ton, and the broadleaf pulp price maintained US$820/ton. The price of corrugated paper was 3,971 yuan/ton, 5.33% lower than the previous month; the price of containerboard was 4,772 yuan/ton, down by 5.56% from the previous period; the price of whiteboard paper was 5,000 yuan/ton, down 4.40% from the previous period; white cardboard, art paper, and double Tape prices remained unchanged from last week. Company Announcement Huayuan Holdings (002787): The company issued shares and paid for cash to purchase assets and raise matching funds and received unconditional approval; Origen (002701): The company plans to issue non-public issuance of corporate bonds not exceeding RMB 2 billion to qualified investors. . Industry Information The Ministry of Environmental Protection publicized the approval list for the second batch of solid waste raw material import licenses in 2018. A total of three waste paper utilization enterprises were approved, with a total approved waste paper import volume of approximately 344,000 tons (Ministry of Environmental Protection); Tianjin Inspection and Quarantine Bureau 2017 A total of 818 batches of disposable sanitary products were imported, a year-on-year increase of 44% (China Quality News Network). Risk Warning: Macroeconomics fail to meet expectations; raw material prices fluctuate; company operating management risks. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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