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SWIFT National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center launches Juhua boosts China's display industry upgrade underwear

by:SWIFT     2019-09-30
On the 9th of this month, Guangdong Juhua Printing Display Technology Co., Ltd. was approved to form the 'National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center' launch meeting was successfully held in Guangzhou. Ma Xingrui, Governor of the Guangdong Provincial Government, Luo Wen, Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Yuan Baocheng, Deputy Governor of the Guangdong Provincial Government, Wen Guohui, Mayor of the Guangzhou Municipal Government, Representative of the National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center, and Senior Vice President Huang Wei and TCL Group Chinese shareholders gathered in Guangzhou to discuss the future development of the Chinese industry. The opening ceremony of the National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center shows the launch of the Technology Innovation Center Promoting China's display industry upgrade Display is one of the few hundred billion US dollar industries in the field of electronic information. In recent years, the rapid rise of China's new display industry has become a strategic emerging industry that has taken the lead in the industry. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China’s investment in the new display industry will reach 800 billion yuan. It is expected that the panel production capacity will surpass South Korea in 2019 and become the world's largest panel maker. In 2014, Guangdong Province established the nation’s first “Printed Display Technology Innovation Alliance”, which has designated the printing display industry as a major supportive development industry in Guangdong Province. In 2016, Guangdong Juhua Printing Display Technology Co., Ltd., with the strong support of governments at all levels in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, was approved to establish the “Guangdong Provincial Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center” to build Juhua into a public display for R&D. platform. National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center Launching Meeting In October 2017, Guangdong Juhua Printing Display Technology Co., Ltd. was granted approval for the establishment of the “National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center”. This is an affirmation of Juhua’s past achievements. It also means that all sectors of society have high hopes for Juhua’s future development. Huang Wei, Senior Vice President of the TCL Group and the representative of the National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center said at the meeting: “The establishment of the Display Technology Innovation Center is both a practical action to implement “Made in China 2025,” and it also promotes China’s display industry to the value chain. The important move of the high-end jump.” The representative of the National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center and Senior Vice President of the TCL Group, Huang Wei, addressed the new display is the cornerstone of the electronic information industry and has broad prospects for development. Print display technology is an industrial technological revolution from display materials, devices, equipment to manufacturing technologies and other display industry chains. Li Dongsheng, chairman and CEO of TCL Group, once said: “We hope to use three to five years to mature the new generation of printed display technology and to be able to synchronize with the leading international level in the next round of display technology competition. This is our goal.” In the future, the printing display will break the large-size OLED bottleneck, which is an important direction for the development of display technology. Eventually, it will be able to achieve the “display like a newspaper and print” and realize a large-area, light, thin, and flexible display application. From “Following” to “Leading” China's Display Industry to Strengthen Innovation Layouts Looking at the development of the global display industry, it has always been the European and American original, Japan/Korea industrialization, and China’s development model. China’s display industry has always been in a passive position. In recent years, the Chinese government has fully realized that the printing display is a major historical opportunity for China's display industry to change from follow-up to lead. The active layout has already proceeded from the national level, giving strong support in investment and policies, and printing the display industry. Focus on supporting the development of the industry. In order to promote this goal, Juhua gathers China's top-notch scientific and technological talents, overcomes key technologies of printing and flexible display, opens up the entire industrial chain from materials, equipment, processes, panels and investment and financing, and grasps the core of the world's leading industrial industry. Technology has become an important platform for constructing an ecological gathering circle for the printing and display industry. Juhua Print Display R&D Platform Lab Currently, Juhua has built a Display Industrial Park in Guangzhou and a G4.5 Print Display R&D platform. It has for the first time achieved a public research and development open platform with capital as a link between enterprises. The platform aggregates domestic display industry-dominant enterprises, universities and financial institutions, and has introduced a group of world-class printing and flexible display technology talents, forming an innovative team led by world-class academicians. Not only that, Juhua also reached strategic cooperation with Dow/DuPont, Sumitomo Chemical, Merck, Kateeva, ULVAC, JUSUNG, Orbotech and other top companies in the world, working together to build a display industry eco-concentration circle and committing themselves to Guangzhou. It has become a printing and display industry base in the country and even in the world. 2018 is a crucial year for China's display industry to achieve leapfrog development. With the establishment of the Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center, a complete innovation system of printing display technology from basics to applications and results has been established and flourished, and an innovative highland for regional agglomeration is emerging. Juhua was approved to set up the “National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center”, which is an important measure to promote China’s seizing opportunities for the development of printed displays and to realize the display industry from follow-up to lead. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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