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SWIFT Methods and Techniques for Stretching the Net during Printing

by:SWIFT     2019-09-23
A. Standard stretch netting method: The so-called standard stretch netting method, that is, after the wire mesh is loaded into the collet, in 5 minutes or so, first stretched to 70%-80% of the allowable tension of the wire mesh, and stay 10 After about 10 minutes, pull the allowable tension, stay for 10 minutes or so, make up to the allowable tension, stay for 10 minutes, make up to the allowable tension, stick to the net, and the entire stretch process takes 1.5 to 2.0 hours. B, 30 minutes stretched net method: This method is to complete the netting process within 30 minutes, the screen will not repeat the stretch net, the stretching process is: (1) first to the tension in the warp and weft direction requirements Half of it. (2) Pause for about 60 seconds of stabilization before pulling. (3) Tension increase 2-4N/CM, stop for 60 seconds, increase to the required tension in this way. (4) Stabilize the tension for approximately 10-15 minutes and re-tension to the required tension. (5) After the step of (4) is repeated again, the web can be adhered, and the entire stretching process ends. C. Quick stretch netting method: It is to pull the tension of the wire mesh over 15% of the required tension within 5 minutes. Immediately stick to the net D. Comparison of several stretch netting methods: (1) Quickly stretch the net and stretch the net. The result indicated that it will have 2.5N/CM tension loss in the screen within the first hour. At the same time, due to screen mesh mutated under rapid tension, the intentional screen is easy to pull and is not recommended. Methods. (2) The 30-minute stretch net method provides higher screen tension than the quick stretch net method. After 1 hour, the tension of the screen plate loses 1 N/CM, and after 24 hours, the screen plate tension only loses 1.8 N/CM. (3) The standard stretch net is stretched for about 2 hours. The increase in the stabilization time within 2 hours is not significant. At the same time, the stretch net time is long and does not save time. It is generally considered that the stretch netting method is better for 30 minutes. It is recommended. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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