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SWIFT Look at the bottle shape to see the bottle caps personalized plastic bags

by:SWIFT     2019-09-30
In recent years, with the rapid development of the liquor market, many unscrupulous traders have also focused their attention on the illegal act of producing and selling fake wine. The once-a-year 3.15 consumer rights day is approaching. In the face of fake wine, how should consumers deal with and identify? The sealing technology of fake wine is very poor, as long as you check the tightness of the wine, consumers can identify the authenticity. To this end, remind consumers to pay attention to the following points when buying white wine: Look at the bottle shape. Many brand-name liquors have unique bottle shapes. Counterfeit wines have different bottle sizes ranging from obsolete to old-fashioned, with no freshness, tight seals, or irregularly pressed teeth. Look at printing. The printing of the labels of fine liquors is very particular, the papers are fine and white and clean, the fonts are standardized, the color is bright and uniform, the pattern color is accurate, and the ink lines do not overlap. The fake wine's trademark logo is rough, the color is not correct, the pattern is blurred, and there is a clear difference with the appearance of the real brand-name wine logo. Look at the bottle cap. Most famous liquor bottle caps use aluminum metal anti-theft caps, which have a smooth cap body, uniform shape, and easy opening. The patterns and texts on the caps are neat and tidy, and their counterparts are tight, and some have a laser holographic anti-counterfeiting design. Counterfeit products often spill backwards and out, cover the mouth is not easy to break, patterns, text blurring. Look at the packaging solutions. In addition to exquisite printing, the carton packs of real wines have neat and tight seams on their edges, and there is no phenomenon of loosening of gaps. See turbidity. Liquor is clear and transparent without precipitation. According to the convention, if the hops slowly disappear and the liquor is clear and transparent, it is a high quality wine; if the liquor is turbid, there are floating debris, the hops are intensively upturned, and the distribution is uneven and quickly disappears, it may be counterfeit and inferior wine. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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