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SWIFT Leading News | 'Typography' Breakthrough Flexible Perovskite Solar Cell Challenge, First Black Phosphorus-based Fiber Opti

by:SWIFT     2019-09-22
The Chinese Academy of Sciences' “Chemical Printing” breaks through the difficulties of flexible perovskite solar cells The Green Printing Key Laboratory of the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently demonstrated their newly prepared perovskite flexible solar cells, which are about the same in thickness and pliability as a magazine paper. In the past three years, they have used 'printing' to break through the difficulties of flexible perovskite solar cells and are expected to provide reliable power for flexible wearable electronic devices. The first optical fiber chemical sensor based on black phosphorus was successfully developed. Recently, the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in cooperation with Bangor University in the United Kingdom successfully developed the first optical fiber chemical sensor based on black phosphorus to realize ultra-sensitive detection of heavy metal ions. The successful development of a new black-phosphor fiber sensor will provide a superior optical detection platform for chemical and biological sensing, thus promoting the application of research on chemical biosensors. Close to quantum hegemony! Intel Delivers 49th Quantum-Bit Computing Test Chip Intel recently launched a 49-qubit superconducting quantum test chip--this number of qubits can make the quantum computer's computing power begin to exceed the practical limits of modern classic computers. . Intel's roadmap shows that researchers can implement a system of 1,000 qubits in five to seven years. This may sound like a lot, but many experts say that quantum computers need at least 1 million qubits to truly achieve commercial use. Researchers at the University of Manchester have developed graphene sensors embedded in radio frequency identification systems. Researchers at the University of Manchester have recently designed graphene sensors embedded in radio frequency identification systems (RFIDs) that will potentially revolutionize the Internet of Things. This new development can provide a variety of applications, such as battery-less smart wireless monitoring for manufacturing processes that are sensitive to humidity, food safety, healthcare, and nuclear waste. Korean-American Scientists Integrate Quantum Emitters on Silicon Photonic Chips Research teams at the Ulsan National Institute for Science and Technology and the University of Maryland in the US use microprobe tips and focused ion beams and scanning electron microscopy to transmit epitaxially grown photons at wavelengths of communication InAs The /InP quantum dot emitter is placed on a silicon photonic chip with nanometer accuracy. The team believes that their approach could enable performance-tested group III-V quantum optics to be integrated into large-scale photonic structures, which would make it possible for complex devices composed of many emitters and photonic devices. In addition, the fabricated device operates at the communication wavelength and can be electrically pumped, which is very useful for optical fiber quantum communication. Scientists will fully synthesize yeast genes According to foreign media reports, scientists have been able to create different types of synthetic life in the laboratory in recent years. At present, an international research team stated that an effective method for synthesizing most of the yeast gene sequences has now been found. Scientists hope to use yeast to make new drugs for chronic diseases and other uses, which may include the manufacture of new fuels. Companies such as Google are building AI systems for self-doubt. Researchers at Uber and Google are currently making changes to two popular deep learning frameworks to enable them to handle probabilistic issues. Researchers believe that uncertainty is an important aspect of human reasoning and intelligence, and that the smartest AI should know when to self-doubt to make the best decisions. This new method may work in scenarios such as autopilot. University of Michigan and Mcity Inc. Jointly Released Self-Driving Car Threat Recognition Tool Researchers from the University of Michigan and M City recently jointly released a self-driving car threat identification tool that can be used to analyze the likelihood and severity of potential threats. At present, the research team has successfully detected the weaknesses of automatic parking, limiting the scale of the impact of professional heike stealing cars. Scientists Develop Flexible UV Imagers for UAVs Because UV wavelengths are relatively short, UV sensors can be well suited for more precise navigation of small UAV flight clusters. However, this information is difficult to capture. Silicon does not absorb ultraviolet wavelengths very well, and other semiconductors that work well with ultraviolet light can cause slow imaging due to slow frame rates. This week at the International Electronic Devices Conference in San Francisco, two research teams demonstrated ultra-thin, flexible UV sensor designs. Their lab is currently reducing the size of photodetectors to increase resolution. German scientists develop orangutan robots for future moon mining According to CNN, the German Artificial Intelligence Research Center has developed an orangutan robot that is planned to land on the moon for space mining in the future. It has robotic arms, legs, and spine and can simulate the behavior of primates. Although this orangutan robot is so versatile, it needs to be developed to the third or even the fourth generation in order to meet the standards of space use. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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