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SWIFT jewelry packaging supplies What are the types of gift boxes?_Swift_Packaging_Solutions

by:SWIFT     2019-10-03

Gift Package The box, as the appearance of beautification products, is increasingly available in the market and is widely used in electronic products, foods, medicines, gifts and many other aspects. Its beautiful appearance has driven the development of many industries.

The packaging solutions gift box is divided into several major categories based on material: wooden gift boxes, paper gift boxes, leather gift boxes, tinplate gift boxes, and plastic gift boxes. Wooden gift box classification:

1, solid wood gift box and MDF gift box, solid wood gift box, there are currently mainly beech, beech, cherry, etc., which is more commonly used, and the other is some high-grade mahogany, such as Vietnam pear, rosewood, Brazil pear, leaflets Tan, chicken wings, black walnuts, etc. These are mainly high-grade mahogany used for high-grade packaging solutions.

2, MDF packaging solutions gift box, mainly refers to the gift box inside the core of the use of density board, outside the quote wood or PVC, etc., and then paint, and some can also not directly on the solid paint, this gift box is completely light Face, no pattern.

3, leather packaging solutions box: mainly used for gifts, wine and other high-end packaging solutions;

4. Plastic packaging solutions box: It is made of PET, PP, PVC and other environmentally-friendly plastic sheets. The box with Ko-style UV printing, silk screen, and common white box.

In short, there are many types of gift boxes, and all boxes used to package products are called boxes. It is an important part of the product. It not only plays a protective role in the transportation process, but also has a direct bearing on the overall quality of the product.

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