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SWIFT jewelry packaging supplies Share film printing 'concave soft' tips

by:SWIFT     2019-09-20
1. Correct selection of anilox roller is very important In flexo printing production, the matching between anilox roller and printing plate is very important. We must ensure that the diameter of the smallest dot (circular dot) on the printing plate is larger than the opening diameter of the anilox roller dot. This is the most basic requirement. In practical production, a theoretical calculation method can be used to calculate the minimum dot area by the known number of screen printing lines and the minimum dot number, and then use the area formula of the circle to obtain the diameter of the dot, and the dot diameter of the dot and the anilox roller. The diameter of the opening is compared to determine if the two match. For example, the number of screen printing screens is 150 lines/inch and the minimum screen point is 1%, and the minimum dot diameter is calculated to be 19.1 μm. The above methods are for circular dots, and chain dots and square dots also have their own theoretical calculation methods. The empirical method is to summarize experience through mass production and determine the appropriate anilox parameters. The number of high-line anilox rollers configured by a flexo-flexible packaging solutions company is generally only a fixed number of files. After a period of groping, the operator can summarize some experiences and help the correct selection of anilox rollers. 2, choose the appropriate hardness of the sticker tape? Paste the hardness of the adhesive tape has three kinds of hard, neutral and soft, the actual production should be based on the layout of the text to select the appropriate hardness of the sticker tape. General printing materials can use neutral sticky tape; when printing fine mesh image with high net number of lines, soft sticky tape should be used; when printing the field and lines, hard sticky tape should be used; when the mesh is adjusted When the image and the field and lines are on the same printing plate, in order to give consideration to the printing effect of both, the neutral or neutral rigid sticker tape should be used as much as possible. 3, printing pressure regulation and control are the key? The printing pressure mainly includes two aspects, one is the pressure between the anilox roller and the plate cylinder, and the second is the pressure between the plate cylinder and the central impression cylinder. Both of these printing pressures are very important. Excessive pressure between the plate cylinder and the central impression cylinder is the main reason for the increase in the flexo dot number; the pressure between the anilox roller and the plate cylinder is too large and the ink supply is excessive. Easy to bring ink to the edge of the network, resulting in dirty version. Only the light pressure printing state can be maintained to ensure that the desired printing effect can be achieved stably. Each group of pressure adjustments requires at least 'two advances and one withdrawal' to find out the pressure. When the flexo press is under low speed operation and pressure, manually adjust the pressure between the anilox roller and the plate cylinder. After the anilox roller presses, observe whether the plate layout is even and fully inked; then adjust the plate cylinder and center. The pressure between the impression cylinders, the impression of the substrate after pressurization of the plate cylinder, until a complete graphic imprint on it; then, the anilox roller back pressure, to be observed when the printing material on the printing material disappears Once again, slowly pressurize the anilox roller until a complete and uniform graphic imprint on the substrate stops pressing; immediately after the plate cylinder slowly withdraws and slowly pressurizes again, if the axial direction of the substrate is observed Photographic imprinting occurred almost at the same time, and the layout was complete, and the pressure was immediately stopped. At this point, the pressure adjustment was completed. By operating in this way, light pressure printing conditions can be guaranteed. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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