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SWIFT jewelry packaging supplies Printing industry Out? This of course is impossible!

by:SWIFT     2019-09-27
In this way, digital printing took up the responsibility of the development of the Russian printing industry. Printing companies hope to invest in the latest and most advanced equipment to enhance their capabilities in new areas, including prepress equipment, multicolor sheetfed presses and web presses. And post-press processing equipment for books, magazines, and packaging solutions. Russia has about 5,500 printing and related companies. There are about 1,100 large-scale state-owned printing companies, mostly in Moscow or St. Petersburg. India's printing business with small format printers accounts for about 65% of the Russian printing industry. The annual turnover of Russian printing companies is about 3 billion U.S. dollars, annual paper consumption is about 1 million tons, and about 50 billion copies of printed materials are produced. Among them, 38% are newspapers, 15% are books, 7% are magazines, and 40% are advertisements. , wrapping paper, stickers and other printed materials. 3 With resource advantages, Russia is one of the leading players in the world paper market. In 2017, the market value of paper and paperboard in Eastern Europe was approximately US$33 billion, with a consumption of approximately 19 million tons, and Russia accounted for more than a quarter of them. And the latest equipment has been continuously put into use, so that the quality of products continues to increase. The Russian National Packaging Commission (RNCP) data shows that the Russian paper and paperboard market will continue to grow from 2015 to 2022. Foreign Investment Interests The continuously improving industry conditions have increased the interest of foreign companies in production and investment in Russia. The Mondi Group acquired Beepak, one of the largest corrugated cardboard and packaging solutions manufacturers in Russia, and the transaction amounted to 2.8 billion roubles (41 million Euros). Mondi Group has three factories in Russia, which are located in Yekaterinburg, Golden Ring Town Pereslavl and Syktyvkar. Domestic expansion ambition Ilim Group, the largest paper and forestry resource processing group in Russia, is one of the leading exporters and one of the world's leading companies. It has signed a syndicated loan agreement worth US$500 million for 4 years. And the largest paper loan industry in Eastern Europe. Among them, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, and China Construction Bank provided loan support for the project. The Ilim Group will use this fund to invest in strategic development projects in Europe and Asia, both of which are its preferred markets for development. Sources of data in the article:, China Paper Net, China Print Publishing Network 4 There is only one printing exhibition in Russia - Printech Russia International Printing Equipment, Technology, Service and Advertising Production Exhibition. There are various freshest figures on the exhibition. Printing Equipment. As the circulation of digital products began to grow from 2016, the printing shops have transformed and upgraded their equipment, so more and more visitors from the printing industry in Russia and the CIS countries have come here to find the latest equipment. In the 17-year exhibition, the number of viewers increased by 39%, the number of exhibitors increased by 83%, and the area of ​​the exhibition area increased by 139%. There are well-known large companies such as EPSON, HP, and XERO X at the show. 100% of exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the exhibition, 100% expressed satisfaction with the number and quality of visitors, and 78% found new partners and customers. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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