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SWIFT How to make mirror silver ink get the best printing effect? cosmetic packaging boxes

by:SWIFT     2019-09-24
For people working in the printing industry, many people have come into contact with mirror inks. So today we will introduce in detail the mirror ink and its efficacy. Mirror ink is an ink with a special effect. It is printed on the transparent material on the reverse side to obtain the best mirror effect on the front surface. Mirror silver ink in the printing process requires special attention to the characteristics in order to achieve a good mirror effect. Here we do the following instructions on the use of mirror ink: 1, first of all should understand the mirror ink thin like water, printing skills is the key, when the printing speed is slow, on the one hand, thin mirror ink like water will leak down the screen, on the other hand Mirror ink absorbs moisture in the air, and the mirror effect obtained after printing is not good. For this reason, the mirror ink must be continuously and quickly printed after being poured into the screen plate in order to complete the smooth printing, that is, checking the workpiece while printing. This speed will have an impact on the printing effect, such as blocking the net, ink printing can not go on, slagging group on the screen. 2. The ambient temperature and humidity when printing mirror ink is very important, because the ink is easy to dry on the screen, so you can not screen printing under the air circulation, otherwise it is very easy to block the network, when the humidity is high, the mirror effect is poor, so When screen printing, avoid air flow and moisture as much as possible. 3, because the ink is thin as water, so you should choose high mesh screen, not only that, the hardness of the squeegee should be harder, more than 80o. 4, HBC Huibaichuan mirror ink must be fully stirred before use, so that aluminum powder and resin should be fully mixed to ensure the appearance of the mirror effect, otherwise it will affect the mirror effect. 5, the screen tension is slightly lower, the network distance is also adjusted to some, and reduce the scraping pressure of the blade, otherwise it will destroy the formation of the mirror effect. 6, mechanical printing, the use of ink-jet knife can not use hard aluminum or stainless steel, but should use glial ink knife, to ensure that the screen printing mirror ink coating evenly, so that the mirror effect is consistent. 7. The mirror effect of mirror ink is related to the drying method. In terms of mirror effect, natural drying is not as good as heating and drying. Note that the heating temperature and drying time should be the same, otherwise the mirror performance and color saturation will also be There are differences. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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