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SWIFT High-temperature sterilization upright bag printing techniques reveal the secret, the control focus is actually it persona

by:SWIFT     2019-09-20
[Spots] Stand-up bags deliver product information that is more eye-catching and faster, and thus stands out in numerous forms of packaging solutions. So, there are two kinds of films that are commonly used in pasteurized stand-up pouches: PET film and NY. What are the clever aspects of the printing process of the two materials? This article explains in detail. Thin PET film, easy to wrinkle PET film can easily produce large static electricity, resulting in blocking printing, ink dots, knife line and other quality problems during printing, in addition to the use of conventional static electricity removal methods, to strengthen the workshop temperature, humidity control can be regarded as effective The way. When printing, a large tension is required, and a special ink resistant to high temperature cooking is selected, and it is necessary to always pay attention to whether the film is electrostatically charged. NY easy to absorb moisture deformation, tension is extremely unstable can not be damaged when it is not printed on the packaging solutions film; to test the humidity before printing, it is best to take dehumidification measures; immediately after opening the packaging solutions film printing, but also can not ignore a process --- - Preheating, preheating temperature is controlled at 50~80°C, no preheating equipment can be flexibly used for printing equipment, and the first color group can be vacated as preheating device; the tension in the printing process should be properly reduced; after printing must be completed Close the package, put it into the curing room for 2 to 3 days, and recombine it as soon as possible. The key point of control is ink 1. Adjustment of ink printability includes adjustment of viscosity and color density. Viscosity automatic regulator can be used to adjust to improve work efficiency. The regulator can add the solvent according to the preset value to keep the viscosity of the ink unchanged. However, the color concentration of the ink should not be diluted with a solvent, use a special diluting agent to adjust. 2, closely monitor the impact of active particles When printing for a certain period of time, the ink will produce a lot of reactive groups, these groups will be combined with chromium in the gravure cylinder, when these conjugates appear in the shallow part of the gradient version, its combination Force will hinder the transfer of ink, resulting in blockage, flowering point. Therefore, the manufacturer must not worry about the cost at this time, and an appropriate amount of the activity-reducing agent CHY-1 adjuvant can be added. Back, View More Editor: Related Tags: Customized food bags, aluminum foil bags manufacturers,
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