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SWIFT Hainan Ribao Printing Factory 2018 annual ink and PS version tender notice cosmetic packaging boxes

by:SWIFT     2019-09-25

Original title: Hainan Ribao Printing House 2018 Annual Printing Ink and PS Edition Tender Notice I. Project Overview and Bidding Scope: This tender project Hainan Ribao Printing House 2018 Annual Ink & PS Edition Purchase (Item No.: HNRBYSC-2018 -1, HNRBYSC-2018-2) Hainan Ribao Co., Ltd. is responsible for the bidding, and its subsidiary Hainan Ribao Printing Co., Ltd. is the project investor. The ink procurement volume is about 200 tons, and the PS version is about 180,000. The actual purchase quantity is subject to the actual demand during the contract period. The delivery address is No. 30, Jinpan Road, Haikou City. 2. Qualifications of bidders: (1) Legal persons or other organizations registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China with independent capacity for civil liability; (2) Bidders must be manufacturers of the products or manufacturers authorized by the manufacturers (distributors) ); (c) does not accept the Commonwealth bid. Third, the tender documents to obtain: (A) time: from the date of release of this announcement until the tender deadline; (b) the location of tenders for sale: Haikou City, Hainan Road, Hainan Daily News, 30th floor printing plant material department; ( C. Price of tenders: ¥200 per copy (non-refundable after-sales service). (4) The margin for each project is: RMB 10,000 yuan (¥2,0000.00) 4. Deadline for submission of bids, time and place for opening bids: (1) Deadline for submission of bid documents: January 17, 2018 at 10:00; (B) Bid opening time: January 17, 2018; (C) Bid Opening Location: News Building, No. 30, Jinpan Road, Haikou City

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