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SWIFT custom t shirt boxes Improve Print Quality Four Tips for Corrugated Box Printing Process

by:SWIFT     2019-09-28
At present, the printing of packaging solutions cartons is booming, and the requirements of customers for product quality are also getting higher and higher. How to improve the printing quality of cartons has become a constant pursuit of the company. Here are some important tips on the fine printing process of carton boxes. Soft printing techniques for low-gram paper When using corrugated cardboard with low-gram base paper, the appearance of corrugated marks on the surface of the corrugated paperboard may occur. It is easy to cause blemishes and can not print the required graphic content in the depression of the cymbal. For the unevenness of the surface of the corrugated cardboard caused by the dew, the flexible resin plate with good elasticity should be used as the printing plate to overcome the printing failure. Clear and exposed defects. In particular, A-type corrugated paperboard produced from low gram paper, the printing press will make the corrugated board's flat press strength is greatly damaged, and after the corrugated board passes the printing roll and the embossing roll, the side pressure strength will also be There is more damage. If the corrugation surface of the corrugated paperboard differs too much, it may easily lead to the warpage of the corrugated board produced by the corrugated cardboard line. Warp cardboard will cause overprinting and printing groove irregularities in printing. Therefore, warp paperboard should be flattened and then printed. If forced printing of uneven corrugated cardboard easily causes a glide, it also causes the thickness of the corrugated cardboard to decrease. Cartridges in the same batch printing color error troubleshooting tips In a production process, the four-color printing process in the printing process appears to be accurate, but the inconsistencies in the specifications of the entire batch of printing products, resulting in post-processing can not be carried out. The cause of the problem is analyzed as follows. The front gauge is not positioned properly. In the former position, three sheets of printed paper are generally stacked together and stuffed under the front gauge so that the sensation of the front gauge pressure is twitched and the paper can twitch freely. If the front gauge is high or low, the positioning of the paper will be inaccurate, and the specifications of the printed product will be inconsistent. The side position is not accurate. This includes both the height of the side plate and the pulling force of the pull roller. If the height of the paperboard is not suitable and the pulling force of the paper roll is not appropriate, it will not be pulled when the paper is pulled, or if the paper is pulled over its head, resulting in inaccurate positioning of the paper side. Under normal circumstances, the side of the height of the cardboard pressure should be printed paper 3 times the thickness of the lateral guide pull the distance of 5-8mm is appropriate. Carton printing pressure adjustment techniques Printing pressure adjustment to the ink is moderate, ink is clear, tile surface no depression, flat deformation is not appropriate. Once the pressure is determined, do not adjust casually. Printing ink pressure is the pressure between the anilox roller and the printing plate. Its main function is to evenly transfer the ink of the anilox roller to the printing plate. In actual operation, the influence of printing ink pressure on the printing quality is very important. If the ink pressure is too heavy, the printing plate is easy to insert ink, which affects the quality of the product and also affects the printing rate of the printing plate; if the ink pressure is too light, If the plate is not inked, it cannot be printed. Therefore, during the printing process, adjustments should be taken to ensure that printing can proceed smoothly. Different smoothness flexo techniques for containerboards Related Tags: Customized food bags, Aluminum foil bags manufacturers,
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