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SWIFT custom t shirt boxes How to improve the quality of tea packaging printing?

by:SWIFT     2019-09-22
The competition in the packaging solutions and printing market is already fierce. In the future, there will be more and more customized manufacturers of packaging solutions boxes, and the competition in this area will intensify. In the future, only those packaging solutions printers that can provide good print quality will be able to win buyers' favor. This requires that paper bag printing manufacturers need to have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of inks, plates, and anilox rollers and the use of techniques in order to effectively improve the quality of the entire printing process. Sakuramei Packaging has been engaged in custom packaging solutions industry for 15 years. It has accumulated a wealth of experience in printing, and also has professional printing equipment and professional printing talents. In response to the issue of how to improve the printing quality, three important factors concerning inks were proposed and it is hoped that they will be helpful to everyone. In the event of a print quality problem or when the printing standard cannot be met, ink is the scapegoat to bear the brunt. In order to obtain good print quality, you need to understand the characteristics and application skills of the ink itself: 1. Viscosity: In the days before you plan to start a printing job (especially before major and complex printing tasks are performed), the ink modulator needs to The printing tasks (printing process, under ink block, overprint combination, etc.) and the composition of the anilox roller and the printing speed to be set are fully understood. Only in this way can the ink viscosity be adjusted according to the printing needs. Second, pH value: In addition to the ink viscosity and all the above related information, the ink modulating personnel also need to determine the correct ink pH value to obtain the best printing effect. It is worth noting that the pH of water-based inks will gradually decrease, especially during printing or long-term exposure to air (without the lid of the ink cartridge). Therefore, when the ink is not used, close the lid of the ink cartridge. As the pH decreases, the ink viscosity increases. Only by adjusting the pH back to the standard state (8.2-9.0) can the viscosity of the ink be restored to its normal state. Changes in viscosity during the printing process will not only lead to changes in printing color, but may also lead to the emergence of other problems such as dirty printing, outer edge banding, reduced color wear resistance, and the like. Therefore, it is very useful to install a printing linkage unit for automatic ink viscosity or pH adjustment devices designed for high-end users. Third, color: Everyone wants to print the color of finished products in line with regulations. In addition, there are some considerations: 1. The same amount of printing materials/paper must be used for actual printing and proof printing. 2. The same printing equipment must be used, the same printing speed, parameter setting, printing plate, Anilox rolls and other parts are actually printed and proofed. 3. Printed colors and standard printing colors must be compared under the same lighting conditions. The above is just a few suggestions for how to improve the printing quality of gift boxes for custom packaging solutions manufacturers in Shanghai. I hope everyone can get a gift box with a print quality. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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