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SWIFT custom clothing packaging boxes Paper-making printing and packaging: 18 years of environmental protection and stricter pa

by:SWIFT     2019-09-23
[Abstract] Key points of investment Papermaking plate: The prices of boxboard and corrugated material continue to rise, and the industry continues to enjoy a high degree of prosperity in the past 18 years. This week we released the 18-year trend of papermaking industry, based on the strategic positioning of the 19th National Congress on the 'Millennium Plan for Environmental Protection', 'The Purpose of Writing 'Beautifulness' into the Socialist Modernization Powerful Country,' and the 'Green Mountain Party for the Advancement of the Party Constitution' and the Central Economy. In the next three years, the work conference will use the “fighting against pollution prevention and control challenges” as one of the three major challenges for success in building a well-to-do society. We have sorted out the “alternative sewage charges for environmental taxes” and “regularization of environmental protection and long-term environmental supervision. The five systems of “tighter emission permit system”, “tightening of captive power plant audits” and “tightening of waste paper import policies” will jointly guarantee the 18-year high boom of the papermaking industry (for details, see the text 1.1 papermaking section). According to Zhuo Chuang Data, the price of boxboard paper this week rose by 67 yuan/ton to 5167 yuan/ton, corrugated paper rose by 50 yuan/ton to 4338 yuan/ton, and the cost of end-of-state scrap prices rose by 43 yuan/ton to 2,557 yuan/week. Ton. At the current point in time, we continue to recommend Nine Dragons Paper (7.2X for natural years), Chenming (6X for 18 years), Sun (9X for 18 years), Libow Paper (for 8.5X for 17 years), and Shanying Paper (18). Year corresponds to 8X). Home preferred moat deep and low valuation varieties. Overall, custom home is still the fastest growing sub-sector in the home sector. Among them, the leading Sophia, Europa, and Shangpang have formed their own deep moats in multiple categories, channels, and high-quality distributors. As a leader, they should enjoy 20 %+ valuation premium. Sofia's current valuation is only 27X for the next year (this week's employee stock ownership plan purchase is completed), and the recommendation is maintained. The second line recommends OKL (18X for 18 years) and Zhibang (18YX for 18 years). Soft-home companies generally suffer from the dual effects of RMB appreciation and gross profit margin decline this year. The growth rate in the third quarter has slowed down, and it is optimistic that the flexibility of gross margin and exchange loss will decrease next year. The leading Gujia household has 24X for 18 years and continues to recommend it. At the same time, Man Wah Holdings’ domestic business achieved a revenue growth of 40.2% from HK$1.29 billion in the 17th/18th fiscal year. This demonstrates its strong domestic sales progress in the functional sofa industry and its excellent internal and solid management. From the perspective of other finished home products companies, the US-based home-brand Meikemeijia and the second-tier brand ARTART West District are accelerating their opening of stores this year and are expected to report next year’s performance, which corresponds to only 21X next year, maintaining a “buy” rating; In addition to 'you + living museum', there is 'home + living museum' infiltrating into the fourth-and fifth-tier cities + custom series B8 to continue high growth, the current market value corresponding to 21X next year, continue to recommend. As a leading company in the flooring industry, Daya's internal management is gradually streamlined and the incentive mechanism is in place. In 18 years, it corresponds to a valuation of 15 times. Packaging and others: It is recommended to pay attention to Yutong Technology, Jingjia Group and Chenguang Stationery. We believe that Yutong is a Baima stock that is in a bad position and is waiting for the recovery of major customers' product shipments. Prior to the growth of the company's performance, it also fully demonstrated the excellent ability of its customers to develop and differentiate customer service, and valuations in 17 and 18 years24, 18X, suggest attention. Jingjia announced this week that it plans to acquire 29% of Shenren Packaging, 30% of Hong Kong Runwei, and 100% of Shanghai Lixing, and also signed a strategic agreement with Maotai. The Maotai wine package business has entered into a substantial development stage. The rebound in the industry + the high-end product structure of the tobacco industry + the current market value of the social packaging solutions corresponds to PE21X and 17X in 17 and 18 years. Chenguang Stationery, as a stationery industry leader, has traditional channels for upgrading 2C services, including high-end, high-quality cultural and creative channels, Jiumu Garments Co., and Chenguang Life Museum. In the next year, 2B business Colip has heavy volume, and it is recommended to pay attention. Risk Warning: The price of paper has risen less than expected, and real estate regulation has exceeded expectations. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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