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by:SWIFT     2019-09-30
Exhibition Name: 2018 South China International Printing Exhibition / China International Label Exhibition Exhibition Time: March 10-12, 2018 Exhibition Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou Canton Fair Complex, Zone A Visit Consultation: 0755-2354 7132/7125 Email: Every year, there are 780,000 people in the printing and packaging solutions industry investing for 2 minutes to finish reading this article. 30 seconds to fill out a form to harvest a whole year of opportunities in the printing industry, peers in the entire industry chain, and count Inspired by all the business innovations, and with the help of this, always take the lead in the industry and this year, investing two minutes and thirty seconds, you still have the opportunity to eat, drink, play, and make friends. Can. The 24-year-old South China International Printing Exhibition and the China International Label Exhibition have been successfully held and will start again on March 10-12, 2018 in the Guangzhou-China Import and Export Fair Complex Area A. It is now fully open to visit and register! Too lazy to look at the welfare I have to talk about the number of viewers, to say that we expect that only 70,000 industry visitors this year are actually smaller than the size of the double-eleven-thousand-one-hundred-thousand-all-people event, but it is not surprising that after all, this world will really make money. People have been very few for more than 20 years. We have won recognition from many exhibitors and exhibitors in the industry by virtue of their influence, internationalization, branding and professionalism. We have also ranked among the largest international printing exhibitions in China. This gives us more confidence to continue to deepen and improve and provide you with greater participation value. To this end, we made five major initiatives this year: (a) Four exhibitions and joint innovations to create a breakthrough one-stop shopping platform (b) Smart packaging solutions and printing (c) Heavy attack on the corrugated area (iv) Digital, environmental protection and intelligent leadership Markers in the Marking Industry (V) Special Green Materials Zone The so-called food and clothing specials have a price and the opportunity is priceless. This may be the most worthwhile industry event in 2018. In addition, we also know that time is priceless, so we have prepared an exclusive Register at the entrance and enjoy the time of queuing with the -VIP Quick Pass Renewal Channel - Priority to participate in on-site forums and events to save hours of inefficient communication - Free access to the conference proceedings and commemorative gifts A time to save search information - Participate in the monthly lucky draw, free travel free movie tickets to save the hotel time to convince the chancellor of the home finance minister 'I have visited ten years, registered 10 times, you can not brush your face?' Your year is handsome Both iPhone and iPhone X are difficult and we are not easy! Well, I registered that all successful pre-registration audiences can participate in the monthly Lucky Draw to have the opportunity to receive surprise tickets such as tickets to the Chimelong Paradise, five-star hotel accommodations, Canton Tower sightseeing tickets, and national surprise movie tickets. Make money, but also enjoy! With immediate effect, you can participate in the monthly lucky draw to complete the pre-registration and win surprise tickets such as tickets to Chimelong Paradise, five-star hotel accommodation, sightseeing tickets for Canton Tower, national movie tickets, etc. life! Every month, we randomly select from several pre-registered audiences to dozens of audiences to send surprises. The list of winners will be announced at the beginning of each month at the “South China Labeling & Labeling Exhibition” public number and the way of receiving the awards will be announced. stay tuned! At this point, congratulations that you have overcome more than 80% of the more impatient readers and saw the end. The winning or losing of life is often determined by a little more patience and persistence, isn't it? Do not believe we make a bet, few people in your circle of friends can read with half of your patience and 30 seconds, you go further from the industry cutting-edge information Related Tags: food bags custom, aluminum film bag manufacturers,
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