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so you want to be a packaging designer?

by:SWIFT     2019-12-06
It is a pride and joy when the designer sees his or her packaging design on the supermarket shelf.However, this key function in the value chain of packaged art is not easy to implement.Some companies maintain an in-house art studio while others outsource their work to one or more organizations.
There are several combinations of internal and external design teams.Since the drug label and artwork are not heavy, it is usually the internal designer who is responsible for the design work of all the packaged artwork.Food and cosmetics companies that rely heavily on graphics tend to outsource concept design and packaging artwork design to external agencies.
With the increase in the number of SKUs and the expansion of the global market, external agencies are being introduced to complement the internal design team and deal with the increase in the number.This can work from the entire packaging design to the graphics of a new product or brand.Treat packaging as an integral part of the entire brand, create a logo and style guide, all in line with the vision of the product or brand.
As a designer, you will encounter different ways to create a structural design.Usually it\'s about creating a straight line, packaging-Is the template of the package.If you take apart a cereal box and flatten it, you will see a straight line.
Often, labels and other 2D packaging designs are easy and you can generate a straight line for these designs using basic measurements.The box is a bit complicated and may need to understand the closure type or tucks to correct it.The easiest way is to change the size of a line like a straight line (from another product) to meet your requirements.
If you can use structural packaging software, you have unlimited possibilities to create straight lines from scratch in the most perfect way possible.The graphic design section includes all graphic work related to packaging design, such as logo, illustration, layout, typesetting, etc.If it is the structural design that is given to you, make sure it is in the right size, specifying all the folds, trim, bleed, glue areas and bar code areas.
If you are working on a structural design, make sure you have the correct approval before entering the graphic design section.The last thing you want to do due to straight line differences is to recreate your artwork.Lock the line to a separate layer and place it at the top of the artwork layer in Illustrator or similar design tools.
The difference between designers is their understanding of how packaging is produced and printed.Using a printer from the start can reduce or eliminate many print execution issues that may need to be re-executedLater design.Finally, regardless of the product, the designer knows that the packaging design they create has the ability to make or destroy the product.
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