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by:SWIFT     2019-09-20
High-speed digital printing machine manufacturers direct sales offer digital printing machine has a very low investment, printing costs are very low, the printing size is optional, the printing quality is high, the occupation space is small, the operator is few and the running cost is extremely low, the printing material type thickness is selective, There are great investment advantages. In addition, professional digital printing ink can realize saturated color, wide color gamut and good transitional performance, far exceeding the traditional printing effect. Wande high-speed digital printing presses continuously provide customers with more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, more stable and more efficient packaging solutions and printing equipment. Wande Digital Printing Machine's application fields Personalized Gift Market The domestic gift market has reached 9.8 billion, which has become a gift fashion trend. By printing your own photos or favorite pictures, icons, and texts on your gifts, you can get rid of the stereotyped faces of your gifts, and you can better reflect the value of gifts and the originality of gift givers. Home decoration and furniture market Domestic home decoration market reached tens of billions of dollars, and the personalized decoration of the family is also quietly popular. According to their favorite home style, users can print their favorite photos or images on decorative paintings, tiles, furniture, and floors, decorate their homes with their favorite styles, and create their own personal space. The personalized products market is nowadays A significant proportion of the users of the popular mobile phone and digital product markets are young and fashionable. Printing their own logos on these products is a good example of individuality. Some portable items such as make-up mirrors, lighters, purses, backpacks, etc. are also a good way for these users to express their personalities. Personalized digital consumer products market has seen rapid development of digital images. People are no longer confined to printing their own photographs. On paper. The digital printing system can print any image on crystal, glass, acrylic, metal, ceramic, canvas, etc. The effect of a product printed on different materials is different from that of a person. People can print their own photos on different materials, enriching the forms and effects of photos. Popular Culture Peripheral Products Market The digital printing system can also easily print current popular movies, anime, HIP-HOP and other popular pictures or popular elements on some items based on current trends. Advertising and Signage Markets High-quality, high-price, small-to-medium-volume advertising and signage production, such as full-color printing of various metal membership cards, time cards, badges, listings, and authorization cards, is difficult to achieve with printing technology. Professional proofing Forming once, no plate making, some materials can be used repeatedly, low cost; computer direct typesetting, modification, production, simple operation, high efficiency, significantly reduce costs. Professional high-quality small-volume print Inkjet direct printing, without the need for plate making, not transfer and film, high image quality, color fixed point accuracy; printable media rich, wide customer base. Shenzhen Wande unprinted printing machine adopts non-contact printing, which requires low surface speed on the paperboard surface; it eliminates complicated and cumbersome prepress preparations such as plate making, single-page printing, ink roller cleaning, proofreading of printing pressure, and color registration accuracy; The data hard disk stores electronic printing plates, eliminating the need for printing plate warehouses, reducing the waste of trial printing waste films, etc. Designing layout network transmission, short-sale production delivery is quick, and labor costs are greatly saved. In addition, the company can provide customers with customized equipment to meet the individual needs of customers in the carton market. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags manufacturers,
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