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Shenzhen plastic bag factory environmental protection bag making market investigation

by:SWIFT     2021-01-25
Environmental protection bag making plastic bag manufacturer say countries for plastic bags,
is the use of the environmental protection shopping bag extremely advocate, this not only because of convenient and durable, but also because of its decomposition rate is much higher than plastic bags, can effectively alleviate & other; White pollution & throughout; Pollution to the environment. But for
it has some disadvantages of plastic bags, there are a lot of people or to have the habit of bags & other; Have a special liking & throughout; , which makes the audience of plastic bags to reduce a lot.

root causes of this phenomenon can be found according to the market analysis. The first problem habits. Many people are accustomed to using plastic bags, changed at once for the plastic bags are not used to it. Second is also the key problem is that no
the cost of the bag is more expensive than plastic bag a few times, and not clean, the high cost of plastic bags when selling to must have corresponding a rising tide lifts all boats, sale price is more expensive than plastic bag several times. It will make people feel very
don't bargain. Actually this kind of idea is wrong, think of only themselves, not to consider the natural environment.
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