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Sappi Limited (Sappi)
Founded in December 17, 1936, it is a company specializing in providing graphic/print paper, packaging and specialty paper, dissolved pulp (DWP)
As well as products in neighboring areas, including nano-cellulose and wood cellulose.
The company\'s operations include North America, Europe and southern Africa.
The company\'s products also include published papers, biological materials
Energy and forestry.
The company\'s graphic paper product range is used by printers for books, brochures, magazines, catalogues, direct mail and various other printing applications;
Packaging and specialty paper is used to manufacture products such as soup bags, handbags, cosmetics and candy packaging, export agricultural products boxes, household paper towel products and casting release paper used by fashion, textiles, automobiles and domestic industrial suppliers, and DWP (
Dedicated cellulose)
The converters use products around the world to make viscose fibers for clothing and textiles, pharmaceutical products and a range of consumer and household products.
The company serves its direct and indirect customer base in about 150 countries.
Sappi TradingSappi Trading operates a network to sell and distribute its products outside the operating areas of North America, Europe and southern Africa.
The department manages a network of about 10 sales offices serving more than 100 countries around the world.
Through its operations in Africa, the company sells its products to customers in East Africa, West Africa and southern Africa, in addition to the Indian Ocean islands.
Its trade sector in South America, the Andean country, manages the sales and distribution of its products in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela.
The company provides Sappi products to customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay through its operations in the Andean states of South America.
Through operations in Central America, the company supplies products in parts of Central America, the Caribbean and South America.
Its northeast center supplies Sappi products to Chinese and Japanese markets.
Through its operations in Southeast Asia, the company provides its professional range and coated paper and uncoated paper to regional customers from India to Papua New Guinea.
Sappi EuropeSappi Europe is a manufacturer and supplier of European coated paper, packaging and specialty paper.
Its print paper brands include the Magno, Quatro, Vantage, Royal, shopie, and shopieart collections.
These products are used for consumer magazines, catalogues, company reports and accounts, brochures, books, direct mail, calendars and marketing materials.
Its packaging and specialty paper products are used by packaging converters, brand owners, designers and printing plants in the fields of flexible packaging, label paper, rigid packaging, cardboard, release liners and technical documents.
Its specialty brands include Algro, Leine, Parade and Fusion.
It has developed a technology for the production of fiber-reinforced composites (Symbio)
And the establishment of a test plant to test the process of manufacturing cellulose nanofibers.
This product can be used for the modification of composite materials, food, coatings, barrier and Rheo.
The company has about 7 factories in Europe.
Printed newspapers by Sappi North america, brand names such as McCoy, Opus, Sommerset and Flo for magazines, catalogues, books and print ads.
Its packaging and special products, such as LusterPrint and LusterCote, are used in the food packaging and labeling industry.
The company is also a release paper supplier in the automotive, fashion and engineering film industry (including ultra-cold brands.
Its release paper provides surface aesthetics for synthetic fabrics used in footwear, clothing, interior decoration and accessories, as well as textures for laminated materials for kitchen, bathroom, floor and surface decoration.
In addition, the company is the manufacturer of DWP, which is the raw material for a range of products including textile fibers and household products.
The company has manufacturing operations on three continents in about seven countries.
Sappi africcompany is engaged in the product development of news paper, coated paper and uncoated paper, office paper and business paper (
Stationery, printing and photocopying)
Packing Board (
Such as cartons for exporting fruits)
And paper towels (
Wet wipes, toilet paper and napkins for medical and industrial use).
The company is also a manufacturer of DWP, which sells to customers and produces a range of household, pharmaceutical and consumer goods.
Sappi operates four factories in southern Africa with an annual production capacity of 675,000 tons of paper, 520,000 tons of pulp and one ton of DWP.
Sappi management submarine in Southern Africa
Su Mu Lin, Su Mu paper and paper packaging, Su Mu dedicated cellulose and Su Mu export service.
108 p. Johannesburg, Oxford Road, 2198: 2711. 4078111F: 2711.
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