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Recycling of Corrugated Boxes

by:SWIFT     2020-06-14
Corrugated boxes are the most popular packing material currently used all over the human race. They have been the favorites for years because of their various advantages. Corrugated boxes convey a high security for the products inside them. The products are not damaged even when they prone to impacts, vibration or even drops. They are mainly used to ship valuable goods. From the packaging of an iPhone to apples we can easily corrugated boxes. The use of corrugated boxes is increasing in a rapid grade. It is estimated that alone in Latin america there are around 1,500 box plants making an corrugated boxes. One of the main advantages of corrugated box is that they can be recycled. This factor offers an upper hand to corrugated boxes than other packaging materials. They help accomplish an 'eco friendly' trade mark to the little. As they don't damage the environment you cannot find any damage in disposing them even in open debris. Another important factor is that old corrugated boxes can be utilised for the manufacture of new ones. 'OCC' or old 'corrugated containers' are the name given to the disposed corrugated boxes. They could be called as 'cardboard box' by ordinary people. Typically boxes lack the inner layer and hence will lead to an overall loss in strength. U.S is to become the biggest manufacture of corrugated boxes. They use corrugated boxes for as well as every everything. In this era of technology internet is gaining much popularity and hence e commerce. E commerce simply means buying and selling of things online. The things which we bought online are shipped to our homes. These will be inside corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes provide a large quantities of protection for items inside them. According to some sources since 1960, the generation of OCC has been increased by about 305 percent; this is a wide array considering other similar packing materials. Fortunately a large of these OCC generated are recycled. By the spread of awareness and development of technology the disposal of corrugated boxes has been decreased tremendously. The process of recycling of corrugated box is pretty simple and less lengthy. The first thing to do may be the compress the boxes as well as them inside a hydropuler. A hydropuler is a considerable vat of warm water which is used to clean and processing purpose. The slurry which is obtained after this process is applied in order to manufacture paper and other associative products. There are some things which have to be remembered before putting these stuff to the hydropuller. Metal straps, metal coverings, staples and other materials have to be ejected. By the joint efforts of people and government, it is estimated that over 70 % of the corrugated boxes are recycled again produce new ones.
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