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by:SWIFT     2019-09-26
Occupational Skills Certificate Production Security Professional Skills Certificate The printing industry's polarity conversion technology plate is a single layer coating. The principle is that the entire layout is usually hydrophilic before exposure, and the polarity of the exposed area changes during infrared scanning, making this part From hydrophilicity to lipophilicity, the plate can be directly printed on the machine without the need for development processing after exposure; the layout can also be designed to be lipophilic, and the polarity is enhanced to become hydrophilic when exposed. During this period, the polarity change process can be either physical or chemical. The physical mode of polarity change media is usually dispersed in the hydrophilic adhesive resin with some hydrophobic thermoplastic polymer particles, the thermoplastic particles have a critical condensation temperature. Professional skill certificate to produce anti-counterfeiting professional skills certificate The printing factory fixes the friction paper on the On the friction body, the friction body is lightly placed on the sample to be rubbed. Set the number of frictions to open the friction tester 40 times for back and forth friction and stop to remove the sample. The color density was measured on the most heavily rubbed ink layer, and 3 points were also measured and averaged. Test Results and Standard Printed Films Abrasion Resistance The average density before rubbing was calculated as follows; D: Average density after rubbing. National standards stipulate that the wear resistance of decorative prints should be ≥70%. This standard is applicable to printed decorative prints that are printed using a flexographic printing process. It does not apply to prints. This indicator can be used to control the ink layer of the printing plant to produce occupational skill certificates, to produce anti-counterfeit professional skills certificates, and to print the warehouse management information system to control the flow of each step, complete the receipt and warehouse management, inventory transfer management, picking and delivery management, and the entire System data backup, data query, data statistics, report generation, report management. The application of manufacturing companies not only brings about a reduction in the circulation and transaction costs as well as an improvement in the level of management, but also can bring revolutionary changes to the economy and even the entire social activities. However, there are relatively few applications in China, and they are still in their infancy. There are mainly the following forms: First, in the enterprise, if radio frequency tags are placed on the trays of automated warehouses, the degree of refinement of management can be significantly improved. The Shenzhen Baisha Group has such cases; the second is to use a supply chain, such as Hong Kong Esquel Group's use of radio frequency tags in the cotton procurement process in Xinjiang, to reduce. Related tags: Customized food packaging solutions bags, aluminum film bags factory,
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